The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Waste of Time
(Medium Ms. Huet)

If you could, for a moment, think about time wasted, but think seriously and calculate the immense mistake you make, you will see how much this very hour, this minute that has just passed uselessly and that you cannot recover, and that would have helped your future life. Not even all treasures of Earth could return it to you, and had you utilized it badly you will have to repair it through atonement, and perhaps in a terrible way! What wouldn’t you do then to recover that wasted time? Useless vows; superfluous sorrows! Thus, give a serious thought to that. It is of your own future as well as present interest because sorrow may often reach us in this life on Earth. When God comes to make the adjustments regarding the life you were given, the mission that was assigned to you, what will you answer? You will be like the messenger of a sovereign that far from following the orders of his superior has spent the time having fun, not doing the actual work for which he has the credentials. What wouldn’t be your liability on your return? God sent you here and you shall have to respond to him about the time spent with your brothers and sisters. I do recommend that you meditate about it.


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