The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Wise People
(Medium Ms. Huet)

Since you have called a spirit, God has allowed me to come. I will give you good advice, particularly to Mr. …

You that are worried about the wise people, because that is your concern, leave them alone. What could their power be over religious beliefs, and in particular the spiritist beliefs? Haven’t they repelled the truths presented to them at all times? Haven’t they rejected all inventions, treating them as illusions? Weren’t those who presented those truths treated as mad people, hence incarcerated; others thrown into the dungeons of the inquisition; others still murdered or burnt at the stake?

Much later the truth did not shine less intensively to the eyes of the surprised wise people, who had kept it a secret. By turning your attention constantly to them do you want, a new Galileo to suffer the moral torture of ridicule and to be forced to retreat? Has Jesus addressed the Academies of his time? No. He preached the divine moral to everyone and to his people in particular.

He chose fishermen to be the apostles and promoters of his homecoming, people of simple heart, very ignorant, who did not know the laws of nature and who did not know if a miracle could breach them, but who believed ingenuously. “Go, Jesus said, and say what you have seen.”

He has never made a miracle that was not in favor of those who had asked in good faith and conviction. He refused them to the Pharisees and to the Sadducees, who came to tempt him, calling them hypocrites. Do the same and address intelligent people who are prepared to believe. Leave the wise ones and the incredulous.

As a matter of fact, what is a wise person? A person with better instruction than others, because he has studied more, but has lost the former prestige, a fatal halo that sometimes gave him the reward of being burned at the stake. But as the popular intelligence developed their shine has faded. A person of genius is no longer afraid of being accused of sorcery; he is no longer allied to the Devil.

An enlightened humanity appreciates the fair value of someone that knows a lot and works a lot; humanity knows how to raise the genius who produces beautiful works to an adequate pedestal. Humanity is no longer tormented by his science that is understood now; it bows before him since it knows the origin of the creative genius. On the other hand humanity wishes the freedom to believe in those truths that bring consolation. It is no longer acceptable that the one who knows more or less Chemistry, or Linguistic, or produces beautiful operas may come to deny their beliefs, throwing ridicule on their faces and treating their ideas as madness. Humanity will veer off that path and will quietly continue in its way. One day truth shall cover the whole world and those who had repelled it will be forced to believe. I myself who have dealt with Spiritism until my last day have always practiced it in private.

I couldn’t care less about the Academy. Believe me: it will come to you later.

Delphine de Girardin

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