The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Future (Medium Mr. Col…)

Spiritism is the science of total light. Happy is the society that practices it! It is only then that the golden age, or even better, the time of celestial thought shall reign among you. Don’t you think that you shall have less earthly satisfaction because of that! Much to the contrary, everything shall be happiness to you, because in those days light will allow you to see truth in a more pleasant way. Human beings shall no longer teach this insidious science that makes you see through the deceiving mask of the common wealth or a future good that the teachers themselves frequently do not trust. It will not be the time of lie and greed; the wish to have everything to the benefit of a sect or sometimes to the benefit of a single person. Human beings certainly shall not be perfect but mistakes shall be more restricted and the evil ones will have a limited influence that human beings will be happy in their minorities. In those days human beings will understand work and all shall reach wealth because no one will desire the superfluous but to do great things to the benefit of everyone. Love, that divine word, will no longer have the impure connotation borrowed from you. Every personal feeling shall disappear before this education gently contained in the words of Christ: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Coming to that belief you shall all be mediums. All vices that degrade your society shall disappear. It shall all become light and truth. Selfishness, that rodent worm and straggler of progress, that muffles every fraternal feeling, it shall no longer dominate your souls. Your actions shall no longer be driven by greed and lust. You shall love your wife because she has a good soul and because she shall care for you; because she will see in you the man chosen by God to protect her weakness and because both shall help one another to withstand the earthly trials and you will be the instruments devoted to the propagation of the creatures destined to improve, advance, so to achieve better worlds, where you shall elevate even further towards our supreme Benefactor, through an even more intelligent work. Go, spiritists! Persevere. Do good for the common good. Kindly neglect the scoffers. Remember that everything in nature is harmony; that harmony is also in the superior worlds and that despite certain strong spirits you will also have your relative harmony.

St. Louis

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