The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Plessis-Boudet, May 23rd, 1860

Dear Sir, In my last letter I provided you with a bulletin of the cures obtained through the medication given by Ms. Godu. I still have the intention of keeping you informed about current events, but today I find it more beneficial to talk about her means of treatment. It is good to have people aware of that because we receive patients from far away with a false idea of that kind of medication, exposing themselves to a useless trip or a trip of pure curiosity.

Ms. Godu is not somnambulistic. She never gives consultation at a distance, not even in my house, unless under my direction and control. When we agree, which is something that almost always happens as I am now in a better condition to appreciate her medication, we start the agreed treatment and Ms. Godu continues with the application of balms, prepares the infusions, acting like a nurse, but a topnotch nurse, with an incomparable keenness, in our modest makeshift clinic.

Is she endowed by a purifying fluid, through which she obtains such precious results?

Is it by the frequency of application of her infusions or by the confidence that she inspires?

Finally, is it through a well-known and applied system of medication that makes her successful?

Such are the three questions that I often ask myself.

At this point in time, I don’t want to get into the first question because it requires an in-depth study and a scientific discussion of first order. This shall come later.

As for the second question, today I can answer positively, since Ms. Godu is in the same condition of every doctor, nurse or technician who is capable of raising the patient’s moral, inspiring a healthy trust.

Regarding the third question, I no longer hesitate to answer it positively. I am convinced that Ms. Godu’s medication constitutes a whole and very methodic system. The system is theoretically simple but in practice it varies to infinity, and it is in its application that it demands thorough attention and every skill possible. The most skillful professional finds it difficult to understand, at first sight, the mechanism and the series of never ending changes, depending on the progress or decline of the disease. They become obfuscated and confused but with time the medication and its effects are better understood.

It would take too long to enumerate the details to you, and “currente calamo” it is a whole new medical system to us, although and no doubt, very old relatively to the age of human beings on this planet. Here are the foundations of that system which rarely moves away from manipulative medicine.

In the majority of the cases Ms. Godu applies a topic extract composed of one or two elements, found everywhere, from the hut to the castle. That extract has such an energetic effect that it produces results incomparably superior to every known composite, not excluding the current cautery and the moxas. Sometimes she limits herself to the application of vesicants, when an energetic effect is not indispensable. The skill consists on the application of adequate doses of the remedy to the illness; on keeping a constant and varied suppuration, and that is what she obtains with such a simple combination that one cannot consider being a medication. One can say that these are similar to the simple cold-creams and even poultices, however that balm definitely produces effects which are extremely variable: here, the calcareous salts are on top of the bandages; for those in the state of edema, it is water; for those with mood disorders, it is an abundant suppuration, sometimes clear, sometimes thick; in the end, the effects of the balm vary greatly in a way I have not understood yet and that, as a matter of fact, it must be part of the investigation of the first question. That is regarding the exterior part. Later I will send you a word about the internal medication that I can easily understand. One must not think that the illness is removed by the hand. As always, time and perseverance are needed to radically cure rebellious diseases.
Yours sincerely,

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