The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Origins (Medium Mrs. Costel)

In the beginning it was the word and the word was God. That is how it is announced in St. John’s Gospel. That is, in the beginning there was the principle and the principle was God, the Creator of everything, who gave no hesitation to the formation of the human being of this globe. He created human beings as they are today, giving them free will and the ability to advance. God told the oceans: you shall not go further. He showed human beings the universe and contrarily said: That is all yours; work, develop the treasures which are spread all over, in the air, in the waves, in the heart of Earth. Do work and love. Never doubt your straight divine origin. You are not the fruit of a slow progression; you have not gone through the animal ranks; you are positively the children of God.

Where does sin come from then? Sin was created by your own faculties; it is the other side and exaggeration of those faculties. There was no first man, father of human kind, as there was not a unique sun to illuminate the universe. God opened his great hand and spread the human race with the same profusion as the stars in the skies. Spirits animated by God’s breath soon revealed God’s existence to human beings, well before the prophets that you know. Other unknown envoys had clarified the ignorant souls. Simultaneously to human beings, God created the animals. The latter endowed by the instinct but not by a progressive intelligence. Hence, they kept their primitive form and except those with individual training, they are the same as those from the times of our forefathers. The cataclysms of the floods – since there was not a single one but several – extinguished entire races of animals and human beings. These are the geological transformations that still threaten you. Human beings discover but do not invent. Thus, the mythological beliefs were not mere fictions, but revelations from inferior spirits. The satyrs and fauns were secondary spirits that inhabited the forests and fields, as they do today. In those days they were allowed to manifest more frequently to human beings, because materialism had not yet been depurated by Christianity and by the knowledge of an only God. Christ destroyed the empire of the inferior spirits in order to establish the empire of the spirit upon Earth. That is the truth that I attest in the name of the All-Mighty God.


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