Allan Kardec

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“Something was needed to strike a violent blow against certain incarnate spirits to help them decide to engage with this great Doctrine that shall regenerate the world. Nothing is done uselessly on Earth and we who inspired the Act of Faith of Barcelona, we knew well that by so doing we contributed with a huge step forward. This brutal act, unheard of in today’s times, was accomplished in order to attract the attention of journalists who remained indifferent before the profound agitation taking place in cities and spiritist centers.

They were left with nothing more to say, nothing more to do, but they persisted in turning a deaf ear and responded with silence to the desire of propaganda from the followers of Spiritism. Willingly or not they need to speak up now. Some by attesting the historic case of Barcelona, and others by denying them, giving rise to a controversy that shall travel around the world and from which only Spiritism will take advantage. That is why today the past tradition of the Inquisition has practiced its last ‘Auto de Fé’, because we wanted it to be.”

Saint Dominic

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