Allan Kardec

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Spontaneous message related to a discussion that had just taken place at the Society about the nature of the spirit and the perispirit – Medium Mr. A. Didier

I followed with interest the discussion that you have just had and that has put you in an embarrassing situation. Yes, there are a lack of words related to color and form to express the perispirit and its true nature. But there is one certainty. What some call perispirit is the same as what others call a fluidic and material envelope. When similar things are discussed, one must be careful with the words and not with the sentences. In order to make myself understood in a more logical way, I say that that fluid is the perfectibility of the senses, the extension of the vision and ideas. I speak about the elevated spirits. As for the inferior spirits, the earthly fluids are still totally inherent in them; so it is the matter that you see; hence the sensation of cold, hunger, etc. sensations that cannot reach superior spirits since the earthly fluids are purified around the soul. The soul always has the need for an instrument to advance. The soul without an agent is nothing to you, or better said, it cannot be conceived by you. For us, wandering spirits, the perispirit is the agent through which we can communicate with you. That is why you find the infinite nuances of mediums and communications. Now there is still the scientific point of view, that is, the essence of the perispirit. That is a different subject. You must first understand it in moral terms. The only thing that is missing is a discussion about the nature of those fluids and that is inexplicable at this point in time. Science does not know enough but it will get there if it wants to move forward with Spiritism.


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