Allan Kardec

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What is that painful moaning that reverberates in my heart, vibrating every single fiber of my soul? It is humanity struggling through the rude and painful work, preparing to give birth to light. Come, spiritists, surround its suffering bed. May the strongest among you stretch their stiff arms to support the convulsions of pain, and may the others wait the birth of that child, receiving it in their arms when it comes to life. The supreme moment arrives; in a last breath of effort it escapes from the conceiving heart, the mother left dazed behind abated by her weakness for some time. However, it was born healthy and robust and life breathes plentiful at full power. You, who have witnessed its birth must follow it every step of the way. Behold! The joy of having given birth resurrects the mother’s strength and courage, and with a maternal tone she calls all people to gather around the blessed child, for she foresees that with his powerful voice the scaffoldings of lies will fall in a few years, and immutable like God, truth will unite humanity under its flag through Spiritism. Triumph, however, will only come after the fight since its bloodthirsty enemies conspire against it. These enemies are pride, selfishness, greed, hypocrisy and fanaticism, almighty foes that have ruled sovereignly so far and will not be dethroned without a fight. Some laugh at its weakness, but others are scared of its arrival predicting their own ruin. That is why they try to eliminate it, like Herod sought to eliminate Jesus through the massacre of the innocent. That child has no homeland. It is all over the planet, looking for the people that will be the first to sustain its flag. Such people will be the most powerful among all peoples because that is the will of God.


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