Allan Kardec

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I will speak about the symptoms and predictions announced everywhere about the forthcoming events of our century. By their touching kindness, the good spirits, the messengers of God come to warn humanity as the pain of the forthcoming delivery warns the mother. Those always justifiable but often neglected signs multiply to infinity in our days. Why do you feel the prophetic spirit agitating your heart and shaking your conscience? Why such uncertainty? Why is there a weakness that troubles the heart? Why has the public spirit awoken everywhere, proudly bearing its banner? Why? The time has come; the reign of materialism has broken and it is about to fall apart; the pleasures of the body that will soon be neglected will make room for the reign of ideas; the social structure is rotten and will give rise to the young and triumphant legion of the spiritist ideas that will fertilize the empty consciences and mute hearts.

May these words be endlessly repeated in order not to find you distracted and indifferent; you will receive those precious grains waiting to be born, after the farmer has sowed the seeds.

Don’t you dare say: life follows its normal course; our parents saw nothing that has been announced; we won’t do better! Let us worship what they worshiped, or even better, let us replace their worship by empty formulas and all will be fine.

By using those words you sleep. Wake up for it is not the trumpet of the final days that will vibrate in your ears but the voice of truth. This is not about a defeated and humiliated death. This is about the present life, or rather, about the eternal life. Do not forget it and wake up.


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