Allan Kardec

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This book was announced long ago but its publication was postponed due to the importance of the subject, to finally be released between January 5th and 10th by Mr. Didier & Co. editors and booksellers, Rue Quai des Augustins, 35 * . It is the complement of The Spirits’ Book and contains the experimental part of Spiritism, as the first contains the philosophical part.

In this book are the results of long experiences and laborious studies, as we try to clarify all questions related to the practice of the manifestations. It contains the theoretical explanations of all phenomena and the conditions required for their occurrence, according to the spirits. The part related to the exercise and development of the mediumship, however, was the object of special attention from our side.

Experimental Spiritism is prone to many more difficulties than generally thought and the hurdles that we find are innumerous. That is the reason for so many deceptions from the part of those who get involved with such practice without experience and without the required knowledge. Our objective was to forearm against such hurdles that are not always free from inconveniences by those who venture themselves through this new terrain without caution. We could not have forgotten such a capital point and as such we gave the subject the attention equivalent to its importance.

The inconveniences are almost always originated from the lightheartedness with which such a serious issue is handled. The spirits, all of them, are the souls of those who have already lived. Sooner or later we will infallibly share their environment. Thus, every spiritist manifestation, intelligent or not, has the objective of putting us in touch with those very souls. Since we pay respect to their physical remains, with even more reason we must respect the surviving intelligent being who is the true individuality. When we transform the manifestations into pastime games we fail them with the respect that perhaps we ourselves may demand one day, and that never goes unpunished when violated.

The initial moment of curiosity caused by these strange phenomena is over; now that we know the source, let us avoid its profanation with inappropriate jokes and let us strive to find in them the necessary teachings that will ensure our future happiness. The field is really wide open and the objective very important to deserve our full attention. Up until now our efforts have been dedicated to drive Spiritism through this serious avenue. We will be plentifully rewarded for our care and vigilance if this new book can contribute to avoid having Spiritism veered off from its providential objective by making it even better understood.

This book, no doubt, will raise criticism from those who are displeased by the severity of its principles, as from those who already accuse us of creating a school of Spiritism, since they see things from another point of view. If creating a school of this science is a way to find a valuable and useful objective to humanity, we believe to have the right of feeling flattered by the accusation. However, such a school does not require any other leader besides the common sense of the masses and the wisdom of the good spirits who created it, regardless. That is why we reject the honor of having founded it; nonetheless we are happy for being under its flag; aspiring the modest title as its promoter.

If a name is needed we will then write on its facade: School of Moral and Philosophical Spiritism, and invite all those in need of hope and consolation.

Allan Kardec

* Equally found in the office of the The Spiritist Review, at Rue de Sainte-Ane, 59 – passage Sainte-Ane, large volume, in-18, 500 pages, Paris 3.5 francs, by mail 4 francs.

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