Allan Kardec

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Body of mud, the origin of corruption where the catalyst of impure passions ferment; it is the organs that frequently drag the spirit to take part in the brute sensations that belong to the material world. When the principle of organic life expires through one of the thousands of accidents of the body, the spirit separates from the links that attached it to its foul prison, and there it goes free in space.
When the spirit is ignorant and in particular very guilty, however, the beauties of the dwelling of the good spirits are hidden by a thick veil, and the spirit remains among bad and inferior ones in a circle where it remains oblivious of its actual position, not knowing where it came from.
The spirit then suffers during a more or less lengthy period of time, until the moment when brotherly spirits come to shine a light on his position, and open its eyes to the remembrance of the places where the spirit has inhabited before, as well as the many other planets where new incarnations will take place. If the last incarnation were successful it opens the doors to the superior worlds. If it were useless and full of iniquities, the spirit is punished by remorse and after submitting to God’s will through regret and with the support of the others, the spirit starts a new life not as a reward but as a punishment or a trial.

Ferdinand, a familiar spirit

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