Allan Kardec

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1. Does the incarnate spirit keep the memory of previous existences as well as in the errant state while in a superior world like Jupiter or any other? – A. No. The moment the spirit takes on a material body it no longer has the memory of previous existences.

However, the physical envelope on Jupiter has very little material and for that reason, isn’t the spirit freer? – A. Yes, but it is dense enough to remove the memory of the past from the spirit.

Thus, the spirits from Jupiter that communicated with us were they in a state of resting? – A. Certainly. Since the spirit is much more advanced in this world, it understands God and the universe very well but their past is erased, otherwise their intelligence would be obscured; he would not take the time to comprehend more about himself; instead he would be the man from Africa, Europe or America; or from Earth, Mars or Venus?

Observation: If it is necessary to forget the past in a much more advanced world like Jupiter then there is even more reason for that in our material world. It is obvious that the memory of our preceding existences would cast a painful confusion in our ideas, not speaking of all the other inconveniences already mentioned about it. Every act done by God imprints His wisdom and benevolence. It is not up to us to criticize Him, especially because we don’t understand the objective.

2. Ms. Eugenie, one of the mediums of the Society, shows a remarkable particularity, exceptional in a way, with her prodigious facility to write and the incredible promptness with which every spirit communicates through her. There are only a few mediums with such outstanding flexibility. Why would that be? – A. One owes more to the medium than to the spirit. The spirit would write less quickly through another medium due to the fact that the nature of the instrument would not be the same. Thus, there are drawing mediums, others who are better skilled for Medicine, etc. The spirit acts according to the mediumship. This is a physical rather than a moral cause. The faster the combination between the fluids of the spirit and the medium’s, the easier the communication, better serving the speed of thought, and the spirit takes advantage of this the same as you make use of a faster vehicle when you are in a hurry. That liveliness of the medium is purely physical. The spirit of the medium has no influence on that.

3. Wouldn’t there be any influence from the moral qualities of the medium? – A. They have great influence on the sympathies of the spirits since you need to know that some have a greater antipathy towards certain mediums that they can only communicate through them after overcoming great reluctance.

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