Allan Kardec

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Spiritism is the application of the purest moral of the Gospels preached by Christ; and those who condemn it without knowing it are not very sensible. In fact, why classify it as superstition, charlatanism, sorcery, demonic, things that even the vulgar common sense would accept if properly investigated? The soul is immortal: it is the spirit. The perishable body is the inert matter left behind by the spirit, which then becomes a rotting nameless pile of decomposition. And you who are skeptical about Spiritism, you believe that this life of pain, sufferings and deception to the majority has no other objective but the grave!

Make no mistake. You poor ones, disowned from any Earthly wealth, from its greatness and pleasures, come to us! Come to us and you shall be consoled when you see that your sufferings and hardship will open the doors of happy worlds to you and that God, fair and good to all creatures, has only tried us for our own good, according to the words of Jesus: Blessed are those that mourn: for they shall be comforted – Thus, come skeptical and materialists. Hold the flag that reads: Love and charity to everyone, all brothers; benevolence and justice, indulgence from a great and generous father to all of his creatures that advance through safe but unknown paths. Charity and moral progress, together with intellectual development, will lead you to the Author and Lord of all things.

We only give you these lessons so that you can work and spread the teachings but more than anything else that you use them without any bitterness. Sow the seed. Your good thoughts and God’s help will make it fruitful, in the beginning to a small group only but that will grow and help you reach a good and plentiful harvest.

Ferdinand, medium’s son

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