Allan Kardec

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I come to speak with you about the most important thing in these days of crises and transformation. At the time when nations are dressed up in their powerful outfits; at the time when the unveiled heavens show you the spirits of those that you thought dispersed like molecules or serving as pasture to worms traveling in the infinity; at this solemn time the human being can no longer hobble along in the darkness of one’s personality and materialism.

Like the shepherd in the past, guided by a star on the way to worship the Child-God, the human being must march towards the promised land of freedom and love, now guided by the bright dawn of Spiritism. One must understand that the great mystery is the extraordinary harmony of nature and its remarkable rhythm are models to humanity. In this amazing diversity that confuses the spirits, you must distinguish the perfect similarity of the relationship between created things and being created and that this powerful harmony initiates all of you, people of action, poets, artists, workers, the union in which we must blend the joint efforts during the pilgrimage of life. Caravans beset by storms and adversities, reach out to one another with your friendly hands and walk together looking up to a just God, the one who rewards a hundred times anyone who have alleviated the weak and the oppressed.


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