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"Rome, March 2nd, 1861

Dear Sir,

I have been involved with spiritist manifestations for about four years now and I am glad to have a good medium in the family that give us communications of a superior order. We have read and read again your work ‘The Spirits’ Book’ that is cause of happiness and consolation to us, giving us the most sublime and admissible notions of our future life. If I could have any doubt about them, the current proofs I have now are more than enough to reaffirm my faith. I lost persons who were very dear to me and I have the inappreciable happiness of knowing that they are happy and I am able to communicate with them. I cannot express my joy when I had that experience. The first time when they gave me real signs of their presence I said: Then it is all true that not everything dies with the body! I owe our Lord for having entrusted me. Believe in my eternal gratitude by the good that it does to me and for the reason that I was unwillingly tormented by the future. The idea of nothing terrified me and beyond the void there was only an oppressing uncertainty. There is no doubt any more. It seems that I was reborn for life. All my apprehensions are gone and my trust in God came back stronger than ever. I do hope that my sons, thanks to you, will not experience the same torments since they are fed by your truths and their mounting reason has to gain in strength.

However, we lack a safe guide to the practice. If I were not afraid of bothering you I would have asked for the advices of your own experience long ago. Fortunately your recent ‘The Mediums’ Book’ came to fulfill that blank and we now march stronger steps since now we are forewarned against the obstacles on the way.

I attach, dear Sir, some copies of the communications that we have received. They were originally written in Italian and have undoubtedly suffered some loss in the translation. Nonetheless I would be most grateful for receiving your thoughts about them in case I am favored with a reply. It will be an encouragement to us all. I apologize for the length of this letter and receive the testimony of sympathy from yours,

Count X…”

NOTE: The amount of material forces us to postpone the publication of the communications transmitted by Mr. Count X… and there are some really remarkable. We only extracted the following answers given by one spirit who communicated with him:

1. Did you know The Spirits’ Book? – A. How can the spirits not know their work? We all know it.

2. That is very natural with respect to those who participated in the work. But how about the others? – A. There is a communion of thoughts and solidarity among the spirits that you cannot understand, you humans that are fed by selfishness and who see through the window of your prison.

3. Have you participated in that work? – A. No, not personally, but I knew that it was to be done and that other spirits, well above me, were in charge of that mission.

4. Which results will that work produce? – A. It is a tree that has already sowed profound seeds on Earth. Those seeds germinate; they will soon mature and later the fruits shall be harvested.

5. Isn’t the opposition of the adversaries frightening? – A. When the clouds that cover the Sun dissipate it shines stronger.

6. The clouds will dissipate then? – A. All that is needed is a breath of God.

7. Then, in your opinion, Spiritism shall become a general belief? – A. You should say universal.

8. However, some people seem very difficult to convince. – A. There are some who will never be in this life but death collects them daily.

9. Won’t they be replaced by others who will become equally incredulous? – A. God wishes the victory of good against evil and truth against error, as announced. God’s Kingdom must come. God’s designs are impenetrable but believe that whatever God wishes God can do.

10. Will Spiritism always be accepted here? – A. It will be accepted and flourish. (at this point the spirit takes the pencil back to the previous answer and strongly underlines it)

11. What is the utility of Spiritism for the victory of good against evil? Isn’t Christ’s law enough for that? – A. That law would certainly be enough if practiced but how many do practice them? How many only show an appearance of faith? Thus, God seeing that His law was ignored and misunderstood and that, despite the law, people precipitate even more into the abyss of incredulity, God wanted to give them another demonstration of His infinite benevolence, multiplying the proofs of the future before their eyes through the magnificent manifestations that you witness, allowing the warning to be given by those who have already left Earth when they return and say: We are alive. Those who resist before such testimonies will not have an excuse. They will atone for their blindness and their pride through new and more difficult existences on inferior worlds, up until the time when they finally open their eyes to the light. Believe it, that among those who suffer on Earth there are many who atone for previous existences.

12. Can Spiritism be considered a new law? – A. No, it is not a new law. The interpretations given by people to the law of Christ generated struggles that are contrary to its own spirit. God does not want the law of love to be used as a pretext to disorder and fratricidal fights. Spiritism is destined to reestablish the unity of beliefs by expressing itself in simple language and without allegories. It is then the confirmation and clarification of Christianity that is and will always be the divine law, the one that must reign sovereign on Earth and whose propagation will be facilitated by this powerful auxiliary.

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