Allan Kardec

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“My friends, be united. In unity you will find strength. Eliminate envy and the spirit of disagreement from your meetings. Do not envy the communications received by a particular medium, each one receives according to the disposition of their spirit and the perfection of their organs. Never forget that you are brothers and that fraternity is not illusory; it is a real fraternity; for he who may have been your brother in another existence, may be among you, belonging to another family. Be united in mind and heart; have the same communion of thoughts. Be worthy of yourselves, of the Doctrine that you profess and of the lessons that you were called upon to spread. Thus, be agreeable in your opinions, they do not have to be absolute.

Look to enlighten one another. Be worthy of your apostolic mission and give the world an example of good harmony. Be the living example of human fraternity, and show what can happen when people are sincerely devoted to the propagation of morality. With only one goal, you should have only one of the same thought and that is putting into practice what you teach. Your motto should be: Union and concord; peace and fraternity!”


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