Allan Kardec

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I am Gabriel, angel of the Lord, in charge of blessing you not for your merits but for the efforts you employ to acquire them. Life must be a struggle. One must never stop or balance between good and evil. Hesitation comes from Satan, from the bad spirits. Courage then! The more thorns in your path the more you need to struggle to walk through it. If the path were sowed with roses what would be your merit before God?

Everybody has his or her own ordeal on this Earth but not everybody faces that with the kind resignation exemplified by Jesus. It was so great that the angels were touched! How about humanity? Would a drop of tear roll before such pain? Oh! The stiffness of the human heart! Did you deserve such a sacrifice? Cast your face on the dust and implore for God’s mercy, God who is a thousand times good, a thousand times kind and a thousand times merciful!

A glimpse, Oh! My God, of your eyes upon your creation without which it will perish! Their heart is not up to your level. They cannot understand such excess of love from you. Have pity on them! A thousand times, have pity! Raise their courage through thoughts that can only come from you. Bless them so that and above all they can produce fruits worth of your greatness!

Praise to the most elevated heavens and peace to every person of good will!

These are the words that God wanted me to transmit to you. May you be blessed in God so that you may one day wake up in his heart!

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