Allan Kardec

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“If people loved one another with mutual love, charity would be better practiced. For that you would have to struggle to get rid of that armor around your hearts to become more sensitive to the suffering of others. Rigidity kills good feelings. Christ was never discouraged. He never rejected anyone that came to him, whoever that person might have been. The adulterous woman, the criminal were rescued by him. He was never afraid of hurting his own reputation. When will take him as the example of all of your actions? If charity were reigning on Earth, evil would not have its domain; it would flee ashamed; it would hide and feel awkward everywhere. Evil would then disappear from the face of Earth, rest assured. Start by giving the example yourselves. Be charitable to everyone, irrespectively; strive to create the habit of not noticing those who look at you with disdain; always believe that they deserve your sympathy and leave it to God to take care of all the righteousness, for everyday God separates the weed from the wheat in his kingdom. Selfishness is the negation of charity, or, without charity there is no social peace. I say again, from a point of safety; when selfishness and pride walk hand in hand it is always a race in favor of the most capable, a struggle of interests where the most sacred affections are knocked to the ground; where not even the sacred bonds of family are respected.


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