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One of our subscribers from Mulhouse sent us a letter with the following communication:

“I take this opportunity to send you a communication that I received as a medium from my guardian spirit and that seems interesting and educational from all aspects. If you agree with my judgment I authorize you to use it in any way that you may consider useful. Here is how it started. I am Jewish by religion and thus I am naturally guided by the principles that I was taught. I had noticed that in every communication received from the spirits the only moral that was mentioned was that of Jesus, and Moses was never mentioned. Nevertheless I used to say to myself that God’s commandments, revealed by Moses, seemed to be the foundation of the Christian moral; that Jesus might have broadened the horizon and elaborated about the consequences but the germ was present in the law given at the Sinai. Then I asked myself if the reason wouldn’t be the fact that most communications we received were from spirits who had belonged to the dominant religion and if that would not be a memory of their earthly life. Absorbed in those thoughts I evoked my guardian spirit who was one of my close relatives by the name Mardoqueu R… Below you will find the questions that I addressed to him and his answers, etc.”

1. In every communication given at the Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies Jesus is considered to be the one who taught the most beautiful moral. How should I see that? – A. Yes. Christ was the initiator of the purest moral, the most sublime: the Christian Evangelical moral that must renovate the world, bringing every people together like brothers and sisters; the moral that will make charity and love to the neighbor stream out of everybody’s hearts; that must create a common solidarity among humanity; and finally the moral that must transfigure Earth, creating the conditions for the dwelling of spirits who are superior to those who live here now. That is the natural law of progress in action; and Spiritism is one of the living forces used by God to facilitate the advancement of humanity on the path of moral progress. The time has come in which the moral ideas will develop in order to realize the progress that is in God’s designs. They must follow the same route taken by the ideas of freedom that were their precursors. However, one must not expect such a development without a fight. No. They need to be shaken and tested to achieve maturity and to attract the attention of the masses; then the beauty and sacred nature of that moral will touch the spirits who will devote themselves to the science that gives them the key to the future, opening up the doors of eternal happiness. God is unique and Moses is the spirit sent by God in order to become known not only by the Hebrews but also by the Pagan people. The Hebrew people were the instrument that God used for his revelation through Moses and the prophets, and the vicissitudes of that remarkable people were the means of tearing off the veil that used to hide God from people.

2. In which points is Moses’ moral inferior to that of Jesus? – A. Moses’ moral was adequate to the degree of advancement of the people that were destined to be regenerated by that. Those people, were sort of semi-savage regarding the progress of the souls, would not have understood that it was possible to worship God by means other than burnt offerings or that it was necessary to forgive the enemy. Their intelligence was remarkable from a material point of view, and even from the arts and sciences, but that intelligence was well behind in morality and would not have converted under the domain of an entirely spiritual religion. They needed a semi material representation, like the one given by the Hebraic religion. That is how the burnt offerings spoke to their senses while the idea of God spoke to their souls. God’s commandments received by Moses are the seeds of a broader Christian moral, but the comments found in the Bible narrowed its meaning since if it were practiced in its whole purity it would not have been understood. Nonetheless, God’s Ten Commandments are still a brilliant frontispiece, like the lighthouse that must illuminate the path that must be walked by humanity. Moses led the way; Jesus continued the work; Spiritism will finish it.

3. Is Saturday a holy day? – A. Yes. Saturday is a day dedicated to resting and praying. It is the symbol of eternal happiness, aspired by all spirits who will get there after having perfected through their work and after thoroughly eliminating the impurities from their hearts through the incarnations.

4. Then, what was the reason that led each sect to consecrate a different day? – A. It is true that each sect has consecrated a different day but that is not a reason for surprise. God accepts the prayers and the formats of every religion as long as the teachings are followed by actions. Prayer always pleases God however it is said and as long as with pure intention.

5. Should we expect the establishment of a universal religion? – A. No. Not on our planet or at least while it has not made the progress that not even thousands of generations will see.

Mardoqueu R…

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