Allan Kardec

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“Oh! God! My Lord, my Father and my Creator, kindly provide your servant with a little bit of that human eloquence that used to speak to the hearts of our brothers, gathering around the pulpit to learn about the truths that you have taught them.

By sending His spirits to teach your true duties towards Him and your brothers God wishes above all that charity be the driving force in all of your actions, and your brothers who still wish to revive their days of regret remain on the path of pride. But these times are long gone for you, and always praise the Lord for allowing humanity to stop their religious disputes that have never produced anything positive and have been the cause of so much harm. Why would you want to discuss the texts of the Gospels, when you have already interpreted it in so many ways? Those comments were produced when Spiritism was not here to clarify it for you, and it tells you: The morality of the Gospels is the best that there is; follow it. However, if deep down in your conscience a voice cries out to you: For me there is still this or that obscure point that doesn’t allow me to think differently from my brothers! Elohim, my brother, leave aside what disturbs you; love God and charity and you shall be on the right path. What served as the fruit of my long vigils when I lived in your world? Nothing. Many did not even read my texts that were not written by the hand of charity and even attracted persecution onto my brothers.

Controversy is always fueled by a feeling of intolerance that can become offensive and the stubbornness with which everyone sustains their positions and postpones the time when the great human family will respect all beliefs, acknowledging past mistakes and no longer raising their weapons for the destruction of fraternal bonds. To give you an example of what I have just said, open up the Gospel and you will find these words: ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live”.

Many of you condemn those who don’t follow the religion that has the teachings of the Incarnate Word. Many of them, however, sit by our Lord’s side for they were righteous and through that they worshiped and loved him; they respected their brothers’ beliefs; they sought the Lord when they saw the bloodthirsty fight of the people in their religious struggles; and yet they were unable to find the true meaning of Christ’s words as blind instruments of their priests and ministers.

My God, I who lived in those days when our hearts stormed against our brothers from a different faith, had I been more tolerant; had I not condemned their interpretation of the Gospels, today they would be less belligerent towards their Catholic brothers, and everyone would have moved in strides towards the universal fraternity. However, the Protestants, the Jews, all religions that are in more evidence have their shrewd priests and doctors of the law and then, when a more disseminated Spiritism is studied by those enlightened brothers in good faith they will do as the Catholics did, and will bring the light to their brothers and appease their religious scruples.

Allow God to continue his work of moral reformation that must elevate all of you up to Him, all on the same level, and do not rebel against the teachings of the spirits who were sent by Him.”


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