Allan Kardec

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Through spontaneous communication
(Received by Mr. D’Ambel, medium at the Society)

This evangelical maxim is much better applied to our present time than to the early days of Christianity. In fact, haven’t you already heard the uproar of the storm that must drag the old world and have the summation of all worldly iniquities swallowed into a void? Ah! Blessed the Lord, you who entrusted your faith in his sovereign justice, and like you apostles of the new belief revealed by the superior prophetic voices, go and preach the new dogma of reincarnation and the progress of the spirits according to the way they have accomplished their missions and withstood their earthly trials. Have no fear! The tongues of fire are above your heads. Oh! Followers of Spiritism, you are God’s elected ones! Go and preach the divine word. Time has come and you must sacrifice your habits, your works, and your futile concerns. Go and preach! The superior spirits are with you. You will certainly speak to people who will not be interested in listening to God’s voice because that voice relentlessly claims abnegation. You will preach altruism to the greedy, abstinence to the perverted, and kindness to the domestic tyrants and dictators. Lost words, I know well. But, never mind! You must irrigate the terrain with your sweat for it will not yield and fructify without the persistent efforts of the evangelical hoe and plough. Go and preach!

Yes, all of you, people of good faith, who believe in your inferiority before the globes and spread in the infinity of space, join the crusade against injustice and iniquity. Go; reverse this invasive worship of the golden calf. Go, God is with you! Simple and ignorant people, your tongues will be freed and you shall speak as no other speaker has done before. Go and preach and the attentive crowds will gladly harvest your words of consolation, fraternity, hope and peace. Never mind the traps that will be thrown in your path! Only wolves fall into the traps prepared for wolves and behold, the shepherd will defend his flock against the bloodthirsty adversaries. Thus, move on with your grandiose faith and in small numbers! March on! The great battalions of disbelievers will fall before your eyes like the morning mist dissipates before the early rays of the rising sun. Faith is the virtue that moves mountains, said Jesus. However, all vices and impurities hidden in the human beings’ heart are heavier than the heaviest mountain. Go and have no fear to move that mountain of iniquities that future generations will only know as legends of the past, like you, who only has a slight idea about the times prior to the pagan civilization. Yes, there will be moral and philosophical struggles all over the world. Time is near when the divine light will shine on both worlds.

Take the divine word to notables who will show contempt; to scholars who will demand proof; to the little and simple ones who will accept the word because you will find in them the martyrs of the work, where you will see devotion and faith in their earthly punishments! These are the ones who will welcome the sacred consolation with grace and worship, praising the Lord with their songs, bending before his will, thanking him for their misery. May your troops be forearmed with resolution and courage! Onto the work! The plough is ready; the terrain awaits; cultivation is needed. Go now and thank God for the glorious task that you have been assigned. But remember that among the many called to Spiritism several have gone astray. Watch your route and follow the path of truth.

Q – If many of those called to Spiritism have gone astray, how can we identify those who are on the good path? – A. You will recognize them by the application of the principles of the professed true charity; by the number of ill-fated people that they console; by their love to their neighbor, by their abnegation and selfless; finally, you will recognize them by the triumph of those principles since God wishes the establishment of his law. The ones who follow that law are the chosen ones and God will award them with victory but those who betray the spirit of his law, using it as a pedestal to their vanity and ambition, those will be crushed.

Erastus, guardian angel of the medium

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