Allan Kardec

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Art has been defined a hundred thousand times: it is beauty, truth, and goodness. Music that is one branch of art belongs entirely to the domain of sensations. Let us be clear and understand one another. The sensation is produced when a person understands art in two different but entirely interconnected ways: through the mind that leads to melancholy or philosophy and through the heart, through emotion. Music, in my opinion, it is the art that goes straight to the heart. The feeling, you understand– is thoroughly in the heart; painting, architecture, sculpture, in particular painting, mostly reaches the brain. In short, music flows from the heart to the spirit, painting from the mind to the heart.

The organ was created by religious elation. When poetry plays on the organ on Earth, the angels respond from heaven and serious and religious music elevates thoughts and soul; gentle music vibrates the nerves, nothing more. I wish I could cite a few personalities but I don’t have the right: I am no longer on Earth. Like Mozart’s Requiem, that killed him. I don’t wish that any more spirits receive their death through music, but the living-dead, however, must forget all that is earthly, to raise their moral evolution.


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