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During the discussion among the spirits regarding Buffon’s aphorism: “The style is the man”, published in our previous number, Mr. Scribe’s name was cited and that has certainly given him reason to come to us although he had not been invited. Without participating in the debate he spontaneously gave the following dissertation which in turn motivated the dialogue that follows his message.

“It would be desirable that the theater where great and small go to learn was a little bit less concerned with flattering the taste for the easy customs and the exaltation of venial aspects of an enthusiastic youth, and instead that the social betterment would be sought through moral and elevated plays where a fine jest would replace the coarse cooking salt served up by the vaudeville act of the day. But no; according to the theater and the public, human passions are flattered. Here they promote worker’s coat instead of the traditional black tie transformed into the scapegoat of all social miseries; over there the worker’s coat are hated and stained because it hides both the scoundrel and the murderer. Lies on both sides.

Some authors even began to take the bull by the horns and like Émile Augier, pinning down money dealers in the pillory of public opinion. Bah! Who cares! That does not stop the public from swarming into the theaters where a shameless figure and without any decency, covers the costs of the spectacle. Ah! It is time to have the spiritist ideas promoted in all social layers and then the theatre will be moralized itself and the presentation of women will be replaced by conscious plays, consciously represented by talented artists. Everyone will benefit from that.

Let us hope that a dramatic writer may soon show up, capable of expelling from the theater and from the enthusiasm of the public, all these imposters and immoral pimps of “The ladies of the camellias” of all sorts. Your work is to spread Spiritism that will produce such memorable result.

E. Scribe

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