Allan Kardec

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The subscribers who do not want to experience any delay in the delivery of The Spiritist Review for the year 1862 (5th year) are invited to renew their subscription before December 31st. Subscribers for the 1862, can purchase the collection of the four preceding years in one combined set for 30 francs, instead of 40 francs. Hence, the subscription will entitle them to have 5 years for the price of 4 with a 20% discount. Individual years may be purchased for 10 francs each, as in the past. The second edition of the years 1858, 1859 and 1860 are now sold out. A third edition has just been printed.

NOTE: The January 1862 issue will contain a very developed article about the interpretation of the doctrine of the rebel and fallen angels, lost Paradise and about the Origin and moral condition of the human being on Earth.

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