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For the readers that remember the beautiful communication published in our last March issue about Moses’ Law and Christ’s Law, signed by Mardoqueu and received by Mr. R…, from Mulhouse; that gentleman received another equally remarkable message from the same spirit and it will be published. The message below is from another deceased relative who died a few months ago. It was given on three different occasions.

To all those who I met


My friends,

Be spiritists, I beg this of all of you. Spiritism is the law of God, which is the law of Moses, applied to the present. When Moses gave the law to the Israelites, he had done what God had given to him, and God had appropriated it to the people of that time. Humanity then progressed in all fields; in science as in morality. Today everyone knows how to proceed; everyone knows how to pay respect to the Creator, to their neighbors and to themselves. We must now broaden the base of education. What Moses taught you is no longer sufficient to help the progress of humanity and God does not want you to stay at the same point; what was good 5,000 years ago is not good today. When you want to see the progress of your children do you always send them to the same school where they would only learn the same thing? No. You send them to a superior school. Well, my friends! The time has arrived where God wants you to expand the scope of your knowledge. Even Christ, although he did make a step forward to the Mosaic law, did not say everything since he would not have been understood but he sowed the seeds that should be harvested and utilized to the benefit of future generations. God in his infinite goodness sends us Spiritism today whose foundations are entirely found in the Bible and in the Gospels, to elevate you and to teach you to love to one another.

Yes, my friends, the mission of Spiritism is the extinction of any hatred among human beings, and among nations, it is the dawn of universal brotherhood that arises; with Spiritism you can only reach a broad and lasting peace. Arise then, peoples! Stand up because God who is the Creator of all things sends you the spirits of your relatives to open up a new path to you, a path greater and wider than the one you still follow. Oh! My friends, don’t be the last ones to surrender before the evidence since God will raise his hand against the non-believers and stiff-hearted who must disappear from Earth so that the forthcoming kingdom of good is not disturbed. Believe in the warning of this one who was and is always your relative and friend.

May the Israelites take the lead! May they quickly and without delay hold the flag sent by God to humanity to unite everyone like in a single family! Take the weapons of courage and resolution. Show no hesitation. Don’t allow the stragglers to keep you behind by talking about sacrileges. No, my friends, there is no sacrilege. Be sorry for those who wish to keep you behind based on such pretexts. Doesn’t reason tell you that there is nothing immutable in this world? Only God is immutable but everything that was created by God must follow an inexorable progressive course because that is his design. So don’t try to stop the Earth from turning!

The institutions that were magnificent 5,000 years ago are ancient today. Their objective has been overtaken. They are not sufficient to today’s society as what was once called the old regimen in France can no longer serve today’s France. A new progress emerges without which all other improvements would lose their solid foundation. Such progress is the universal fraternity whose seeds were sown by Christ and now sprout with Spiritism. Would you then be the last ones to take that route? Don’t you see that the old world is in an infantile stage of work seeking renovation? Look at the map, not the European but the world map and see that every archaic institution falls one after the other not to stand up ever again. Why? It is the dawn of freedom that rises up expelling despotism of all kinds, like the first rays of Sunlight expelling the darkness of night. People are tired of animosity; they understand that their happiness depends on fraternity and want to be free, since they cannot improve and embrace one another while they are not free. Don’t you see ahead of a great nation an eminent man with a God given mission to prepare the way? Don’t you hear the somber cracks of the old world giving birth to a new era? You will soon see on St. Peter’s chair a pontiff who will proclaim the new values, whose belief will permeate all peoples uniting all dissident beliefs in a single family. Be ready. I tell you this; raise the flag of such a great and sacred lesson so that you are not the last.

Israelites of Bordeaux and Bayonne, you are the vanguard of progress, stand up and embrace Spiritism for that is the law of our Lord and praise God for having so promptly brought to you the means of reaching eternal happiness, the destiny of the elected ones.


My friends, Don’t be surprised when you read this communication. It comes from me, Edouard Pereyre, your relative, friend and fellow countryman. I dictated it to my nephew Rudolph whose hand I hold to make him write with my own writing. I make that effort to give you conviction, although it is tiresome to me and to the medium since he is forced to follow movements that are not his. Yes, my friends, Spiritism is a new revelation; you must understand the thorough reach of this word since it reveals to you a new force of nature, an unsuspected force that nonetheless is as old as the world. It was known by the enlightened people of our past during Moses’ time, and in such a way that you received the first teachings about human’s duties towards God, but he only gave what was compatible with the humanity of that time. Now that there is progress and the masses are illuminated; the stupidity and ignorance of the early ages begin to give way to reason and moral sense; now that the idea of God is understood by all, or at least by the majority, there is a new revelation simultaneously given to every educated people, although modified according to their degree of advancement. The new revelation tells you that people don’t die; that the soul outlives the body and inhabits the spaces between you and around you. Yes, my friends. Rest assured when you lose a beloved one. You only lost the physical body for they live among you, guiding, instructing and inspiring you. Hold your tears, particularly if that person was good, charitable and humble because then she is surely happy in this world where all religions confound in one and in the same worship, where there is no place for any religious hatred and jealousy.

Yes, we are also happy when we can inspire these feelings to those who we are in charge of instructing, a happiness that is even greater when we see them taking the good path since they open the door through which they must pass when coming to join us.

Ask the medium about the sublime lessons that he receives from his grandfather Mordecai. If he follows the designed path he will build himself a happy future but also if he fails his duties after those lessons he will bear the whole responsibility and will have to start again until he has adequately fulfilled his last task. Yes, my friends, we have already lived a corporeal life and will live others. The happiness that we enjoy is only relative. There are states more superior to the ones we experience now and that can only be achieved through successive and progressive incarnations in other worlds. You must not believe that Earth is the only inhabited planet from all those globes in the universe. Poor human pride of which thinks that all the stars for only his delights! You must know that every globe is inhabited and if you only knew the rank occupied by Earth amongst these worlds, you would have no reason to glorify yourself! If we were not assigned with the mission to inspire and instruct you we would like to visit these worlds and learn ourselves! However, we are still attached to Earth by our missions and our bonds. Later on others will replace us and we will then be able to go to those better worlds and learn from their experiences, thus gradually purifying ourselves until we get to God, our Creator! That is Spiritism. That is what is taught by Spiritism and that is the truth that you can understand today and that should help you regenerate. You must understand that you are all brothers and sisters, regardless if black or white, rich or poor, Muslims, Jews or Christians. Now, since everyone needs to be born again several times in order to advance, according to the very revelation made by Jesus, God allows that those who were united by blood or friendship in preceding existences meet again on Earth, not knowing one another, but in relative positions to one another according to the required atonement to clear their previous faults, so that the one who is your servant today could have been your master in a previous life, and the unfortunate one to whom you deny assistance to today, may perhaps be one of your ancestors that makes you so proud or a former dear friend. Can you now understand the reach of the commandment: ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself’? That is, my friends, the revelation that will lead to universal fraternity when understood by everybody. That is why you must not remain stuck in your principles but follow the progress delineated by God, never stopping. That is why I have called upon you to hold the flag of Spiritism. Yes, be spiritists since that is the law of God and remember that happiness is in that path that will lead you to perfection. I will support you; me and all others that like me and as you know do the same.

May each family study Spiritism! May each family bear mediums so as to multiply the interpreters of God’s will! Do not allow yourselves to be discouraged by the obstacles of the first trials. They are often surrounded by difficulties and not always free from danger, since there is no reward where there is no effort. Everyone can acquire that faculty but before you try to obtain it, you must study so that you can be forearmed against the hurdles. Throw your impurities away; enrich your thoughts and your heart so that you can keep the bad spirits away from you; pray, particularly for those who try to obsess you, for prayer can convert them and set you free. May the vanguard experience of your predecessors be beneficial to you, precluding you from falling in the same faults! I will continue these instructions.


Judaism was the first religion to inspire in the human beings the idea of a spiritual God. Until then some people used to worship the Sun, others the Moon; here the fire, there the animals, but the idea of an immaterial essence of God was not presented anywhere. Then Moses arrived. He brought a new law that overturned all ideas received before him. He had to struggle against Egyptian priests who entertained their people in the most absolute ignorance, in the most sordid slavery. The priests who then enjoyed unlimited power could not see but with horror the propagation of a new faith, destroying the scaffolding of their organization, threatening their powerful status. That faith had in itself the light, the intelligence and the freedom of thoughts. It was a moral and social revolution. Hence every follower of that new faith, recruited in all social classes of Egypt, and not exclusively among the descendants of Jacob as mistakenly thought, were persecuted, oppressed and submitted to the harshest humiliations until finally expelled from the country, since they were contaminating the population with subversive and anti-social ideas. It is always the same when a progressive idea shows up in the horizon, reaching out to humanity. The same persecution and mistreatment follows the innovators who cast upon the soil of the new generation the fertile seeds of morality and progress; because any progressive innovation leads to the destruction of certain abuses and necessarily has by enemies all those who are interested in maintaining these abuses.

But God Almighty, who wisely leads every event that must stimulate progress, inspired Moses. He gave him powers that had never been seen before, and through the irradiation of that power whose effects reached the eyes of the most incredulous, Moses conquered a huge influence upon the population who blindly trusted their destiny, performing a miracle whose impression would remain from generation to generation, as permanent reminder of God’s power and His prophet.

The passage of the Red Sea was the first act of liberation of the people. Nevertheless, they needed instruction. It was necessary to tame them through the power of reason and through the sometimes renovated miracles; it was necessary to give them faith and moralize them; they needed to trust the power and have faith in a God Creator, infinite Being, infinitely good and just. The trying forty years in the desert, among deprivations, suffering and circumstances of all sorts; the examples of insubordination severely reprimanded by a providential justice, all that contributed to the development of a faith in the Almighty Being whose benevolent hand they felt every day, sometimes a severe hand that punishes those who are brave.

The first revelation took place at Mount Sinai, the brilliant mystery that astonished the world, it captivated and spread on the Earth the first benefits of a moral that freed man from the claws of flesh and from a brute despotism; that placed humankind above the spheres of the animals, making them superior, capable of elevating to the supreme intelligence through their own progress.

The first steps of these people who had entrusted their destiny to the man of God were hindered by wars whose effect were to be the fertile seeds of a social renovation among the fighting tribes. Judaism became the focus of light, of intelligence and freedom and irradiated a remarkable light upon all neighboring nations, then provoking hatred and hostility. That immediate result was in God’s plans, without which progress would have been very slow. While the wars disseminated the germs of progress, they were also a lesson to the Jews whose faith they revived.

These people, freed from another people, who had blindly entrusted the power of a single man, these people, had a mission, it was a predestined people. That is why it was said that the people were unknowingly on a mission, not noticed by the other peoples either. That tough mission was rich in gall and bitterness. Their apostles endured all possible sufferings. They were persecuted, imprisoned, stoned and dispersed and wherever they were, they carried that lively and intelligent faith; the trust in their God, whose power they had felt, whose goodness they had experienced, accepting the trials that should bring to humanity the benefits of civilization.

Here you have the obscure, scorned and despised apostles; the first pioneers of freedom; have they suffered enough since they left Egypt until now? The time of their rehabilitation is not far and in a not too distant day, we will salute those pioneer soldiers of modern civilization with acknowledgment and veneration, and justice will be made to the descendants of those families whose unbreakable faith was taken as assets to every nation where God allowed them to disperse. When Jesus Christ came he was still a messenger of God. He was a new shining star on Earth, like Moses, whose mission he took over to continue, develop and adapt to the progress that was already realized. He himself was destined to suffer that shameful death whose paths had been prepared by the Jews, creating the convenient circumstances of a Roman crime. Stop thinking of the history of nations and human beings as you have done so far. Your pride makes you believe that they were the ones that brought forward the events that transformed the face of the globe, forgetting that there is a God in the universe that drives this remarkable harmony, with whose laws you comply thinking that they were imposed by you. Look at the history of humanity from a more elevated standpoint. Embrace a wider horizon and you will see that everything follows a unique system. It is the law of progress that makes you move on one step every century and not every day.
Jesus Christ came then in the second phase, the second revelation, and it took his teachings eighteen centuries to spread out, to popularize. From that you see how slow progress is and what human beings must have been when Moses brought to the astonished world the idea of an Almighty God, an infinite and immaterial God, whose power became visible to that people, whose mission brought so much suffering and difficulties. Hence, there is no progress without suffering. One comes after the other; it is through suffering and its cruel circumstances that humanity understands the objective of its destiny and the power of God by whom humanity must exist.

Christianity was then the result of the second revelation. But was this Doctrine whose sublime morality which Christ had brought and developed understood in its remarkable simplicity? And how is it practiced by the majority of those who profess it? Has it never been veered off from its objective? Has it never been abused, serving as an instrument of despotism, ambition and greed? In a word, all of those who name themselves Christians, do they live according to the precepts of its founder? No. That is why they also had to go through the alembic of unhappiness that cleanses everything. History of Christianity is too recent to say everything; but, nevertheless, the objective is about to be reached and a new dawn will rise. Through different ways it will make us progress faster on the path that took us six thousand years to arrive to.

Spiritism marks the arrival of an era that will see a revolution in people’s ideas. It will destroy those incomprehensible pretensions, the prejudices that have followed and still follow the Jews in their long and painful pilgrimage. People will understand that they were submitted to a providential destiny, serving as its instrument, like those who persecuted them with their hatred were also pushed by the same power whose secret designs should come true through mysterious and unknown ways.

Yes, Spiritism is the third revelation. It is unveiled to a generation of more advanced people, of noble aspirations, generous and humanitarians who must concur to the universal fraternity. That is the new objective indicated by God to your endeavors. However, those results like the ones achieved so far, will not be reached without pain and suffering. May those who have the courage to take this on as the apostles of the new era to stand up, raise their voices, speak out loud and expose the Doctrine, attack the abuses and show its objective. Such objective is not a shiny mirage that you seek uselessly. That objective is real and you shall reach it at the time indicated by God. It might be a distant time but it is determined. Don’t be afraid. Go, apostles of progress. Walk boldly, with your heads held high and your hearts resigned. You have a pure Doctrine as your support, free from any mystery, which appeals to the most beautiful virtues of the soul, offering that consoling certainty that the soul lives forever, outliving death and pain. That is the unveiled objective, my friends. You will ask who are the apostles, how can we recognize them. God is in charge of revealing them through missions that will be accomplished. You will recognize them by their works and their attributes. The ones who have missions assigned from above accomplish them but do not glorify themselves since God chooses the humble ones to propagate his word and not the ambitions and proud ones. That is how you will recognize the prophets. Edouard Pereyre”

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