Allan Kardec

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NOTE: The following communication was received in our presence at the group of Perrache:

“Yes, my friends, I shall always come to you whenever I am invited. Yesterday I was very happy with you when I saw the author of the books that have opened your eyes witnessing your desire to be together, learning from his benevolent words. It is both a great teaching and a strong memory for all of you. When he spoke of love and charity I noticed several of you asking yourselves: ‘How can I do charity? I often don’t even have necessities for myself.’

Charity, my friends, can be done in several ways. You can do it through your thoughts, words and works. In your thoughts by praying for the abandoned poor ones who died without having been able to see the light.

A prayer from your heart alleviates them. You can address words of good advice to your daily companions. To the bitter ones by despair and deprivation who say blasphemy using the name of the Almighty you say: ‘I was like you. I was suffering and I was unhappy but I believed in Spiritism and look, I am joyful now.’ To the elderly who say: ‘It is useless; this is the end of the line for me; I will die as I lived’. You will respond: ‘God has the same justice to all. Remember the workers of the last hour.’ To the already contaminated children by their environments, wandering around, ready to succumb to all sorts of temptations you say: ‘God sees you my dear children’ and don’t be afraid of repeating these kind words many times. They will end up by germinating in their young minds and instead of little vagabonds you will have good adults. That is also charity.

Several among you also say: ‘Come on! We are too many on Earth for God to see us all.’ Listen well, my friends. When you reach the pinnacle of a mountain do your eyes not embrace the billions of sand grains that form the mountain? There you go! That is how God sees us. He gives you free-will in the same way that those grains of sand are given the freedom of coming and going, following the dispersing winds. The difference is that God in his infinite mercy planted on the bottom of your heart a vigilant sentinel called conscience. Listen to that. It will only give you good advice. You sometimes muffle it, opposing it with an evil spirit and the conscience then silences. Rest assured though that the poor and abandoned conscience will be heard again as soon as you reveal a shadow of remorse. Listen to that voice; question it and you will often find consolation in the advice.

My friends, every new regiment receives a flag from its general. I give you this maxim from Jesus: ‘Love one another’. Practice this maxim. Unite around that flag and you will receive happiness and consolation.

Your guardian spirit”

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