Allan Kardec

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It is curious to see the formation of a group of people of good faith, amidst materialism, propagating Spiritism. Yes, it is in the deepest darkness that God sheds light and it is at that moment when we forget, when He shows us best; like the sublime thief mentioned in the Gospel, coming to judge the world when least expected. But God does not come to you to surprise you. On the contrary, He comes to warn you that the great surprise that takes people at their time of death must be dismal or happy.

God sent me to the middle of a corrupt society. Thanks to the clairvoyance, some of those revelations that seemed so marvelous in my time are perceived as natural today. All those memories are like dreams to me and – thank God – the awakening was not painful. Spiritism was born or resurrected in your time; magnetism comes from mine. You must believe that the great revelations precede the great exclamations.

The author of The Devil in Love reminds you that he has already had the honor of speaking with you and would be happy to continue that friendly relationship.

In the following session the questions below were addressed to the spirit of Cazotte:

• You kindly told us last time, when you spontaneously came to us, that you would return. We take the opportunity to address some questions to you, if you are alright with that.

1. The story of the famous dinner in which you predicted the fate of every guest, is that entirely true? – A. It is true in the sense that there was a prediction but carried out over several dinners, in which I made fun of my dear guests through sinister revelations.

2. We know the effect of second sight (remote viewing) and we would understand that you were able to see remote things that were happening at that point in time, given the faculty you had. How could you have seen future things that had not happened yet, and see them accurately? Can you also tell us how such accurate details were given to you? Did you simply speak out of inspiration, not seeing anything, or you could see the pictures of the events, like an image presented to you? Kindly describe that the best you can for our instruction. – A. The human being has a moral instinct in his reason that drives him to predict certain events. It is true that I was endowed by great clairvoyance, but not always human, regarding the events that would take place. Would you believe that with common sense or with good judgment of earthly things, you can anticipate years ahead of time certain circumstances? No. Added to my natural wisdom, there was a combination of a supernatural skill: second sight. When I revealed to those around me the terrible events that were supposed to happen I evidently spoke as a man of logic and wisdom; however, when I saw small details of those events, vague and generic, when I noticed this or that victim, I then spoke not only as a skilled man but as someone inspired.

3. Regardless of this, have you had other examples of predictions during your life? – A. Yes. They were all more or less about the same subject. Nevertheless, I studied the occult sciences as a pastime, and got involved with magnetism.

4. Has such a predictive faculty followed you in the spiritual word, that is, after your death can you still foresee certain events? – A. Yes. That gift remained but much more purified.

OBSERVATION: One could see here a contradiction with the principle that opposes the revelation of the future. In fact, the future is hidden from us as the result of a very wise law from the Providence, since such knowledge would harm our free-will, leading us to neglect the present by the future. Furthermore, given our position, we could hinder certain events that are necessary to the general order. However, when such communication may impel us to facilitate the realization of something, God then allows its revelation, within the limits designated by his wisdom.

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