Allan Kardec

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The choice of good writers is very useful. Those who exert their authority upon you by exciting your imagination with foolish human passions will only corrupt your heart and spirit. There are no moral teachings to be garnered by those who publicly support orgies, intemperance, ecstasy and all material pleasures. Take into account, my friends, that if God gave you passions it was for the achievement of his designs and not for your own rudimentary pleasure. Know this, that if you spend your life satisfying a few mad desires you will keep nothing but remorse and emptiness of heart, and you will not please God.

If you were given the ability to reproduce the human species the reason for that is in the need of thousands of wandering souls that await in space for the opportunity of having a body and restarting their trials; now if you use your physical strength in shameful orgies you work against God’s will and for that you shall pay dearly. Thus I recommend that you cast away useless literature that does not help the improvement of your intelligence or your moral betterment. May the serious writers from all times and from all countries help you to approach beauty and good; as they raise your soul to the delights of poetry and may they help you realize your God given gifts!
Felicia, medium’s daughter

OBSERVATION: Isn’t the idea of such an elevated objective to human reproduction something prominent and sublime? The wandering spirits wait for those bodies, necessary for their own betterment, and the incarnated spirits are tasked with that reproduction, like man, who waits for the product from the fabrication of certain animals to be clothed and fed.

There is another lesson of great significance that sticks out from that. If one does not admit that the soul had lived before it is then absolutely necessary to admit that it is created at the very moment of body formation, from which it follows that the creation of the soul by God would be subordinated to the good will of the individual, and in most cases it would result from human’s intemperance. How can it be! Every religion and moral law condemns the depravation of customs. We ask any person of common sense if it is at all possible that God may contradict Himself to such an extent. Wouldn’t that be the glorification of vices as long as serving the purpose of achieving the Almighty designs?

Tell us if that would not be the consequence of the simultaneous formation of body and soul; and it would be even worse than admitting the opinion that the human being procreates the soul as one does with the body.

Now let us admit the opposite that the soul preexists and every contradiction disappears since humans only procreate the body and God’s work, the creation of the immortal soul that will one day return to God, that is no longer submitted to the caprices of humanity.

That is how without reincarnation there is always a new philosophical difficulty that shows up, leading to contradiction and absurd explanations. Hence, the principle of unity of our corporeal life, irreversibly defining the future of humanity, falls on its own basis, losing terrain and followers every day. We can then safely say that the contrary principle will be universally accepted as the only logical one, the only one in agreement with God’s justice, the one proclaimed by Christ himself when he said: ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.’

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