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First series of publications by the Spiritist Society of Metz *

In the last issue of our Review, we mentioned this publication just as a reminder, then proposing to return to the subject. We read it attentively and can only congratulate the Spiritist Society of Metz for its results. She has in her heart, a large number of enlightened people, who we hope will learn to stay on guard against the traps of bad spirits who will continuously try to veer them from the good path they have put in place.

The publication is not a periodical. Metz’ Society proposes to do the same from time to time but on unspecified dates, thus inserting the best communications that they might have up until then. Such procedure has the advantage of not having a commitment with subscribers to whom one must nonetheless serve and also for the reason that the costs are always proportionate.

All communications contained in this first brochure have an eminently serious character and an irreproachable moral. We found nothing that could be classified as non-orthodox, from the point of view of Science and that of The Spirits’ Book. If our friends, the spiritists of Metz, allow us to give them a piece of advice, we would stimulate them to continue to bring in future publications in the same circumspection that we found on this one; that they must be convinced that inopportune publications may be more damaging than useful to the propagation of Spiritism. We count on the wisdom and sagacity of those who are behind it so that they may not yield to the enthusiasm of more eager than thoughtful followers. May they always remember this maxim: Nothing is gained by running, if you do not start on time!

The two communications below extracted from this first volume will give you an idea of the spirit in which they were produced.


* Brochure 8-in, price 1 franc, in Paris Didier and Co. Edition, Quais des Augustin, 35; Ledoyen, Gallerie Palais Royal, 31; in Metz with Veronnais, Rue de Jardin 14 and with Warrion, Rue de Palais, 8

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