Allan Kardec

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NOTE: The medium was involved with matters that were external to Spiritism. She was prepared to write about personal issues when an invisible power forced her to write the text below, despite her wishes to continue something that she had already started. That explains the beginning of the message.

“I am here Madam, although you have not called me. I come to tell you things that are much different from your concerns. I am the spirit of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I have waited a long time for this opportunity of communicating with you. Listen now.”

“I believe that Spiritism is a pure philosophical study of the secret causes of the inner struggles of the soul, little or not at all defined so far. It shows new horizons, even more so than it reveals them. Reincarnation and the trials endured before the supreme objective is reached are no revelations but an important confirmation. I am impressed by the truth that is illuminated by such an instrument. I say instrument on purpose because the way I see it, Spiritism is a lever that removes the barriers of blindness. The preoccupation with moral issues has still to be created; politics are discussed that stir the general interest; the private interests are also discussed; some are passionate about attacking or defending personalities; the systems have supporters and adversaries, but the moral truths that are the bread of the soul, the bread of life, those are left underneath the dust accumulated over the centuries.”

“All improvements are useful to the eyes of the crowd except that of the soul. Your education, your elevations are illusions good at most to occupy the leisure of priests, poets, women or the status quo.

If Spiritism can resuscitate Spiritualism it will then return to society the momentum that gives inner dignity to some, resignation to others, and to everyone the need to rise to the Supreme Being, forgotten and neglected by His ungrateful creatures.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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