Allan Kardec

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City of Romulus and Caesars, the cradle of Christianity, tomb of the apostles, you are the eternal city and God wishes to finally stop your long lasting lethargy. The time of your return will come. Shake your numb limbs out and stand up courageously and valiant to obey the destiny that waits for you since you have not been but a desert city for long centuries. The multiple ruins of your vast arenas that hardly held the waves of eager spectators are only visited by the rare foreigners that from time to time visit your solitary streets. The catacombs where the remains of so many brave soldiers rest, soldiers who died for the faith, only touch their indifference. Your current crises will be the last one and from this difficult and painful work you shall come out great, strong, powerful, transformed by God’s will. From the top of your old basilica, the voice of Peter’s successor will be heard, his hands reaching out to you with the blessings of heaven invoking the spirits of the Lord to his supreme council. He will submit to their orders and give the signs of progress, openly holding the flag of Spiritism. Then, submitted to its lessons, the Catholic universe shall flock in masses standing around the walking stick of their great pastor, and that will drive every heart to you. You shall be the shining light to illuminate the world and its inhabitants, in the joy and happiness of providing the nations with the example of betterment and progress, chanting in your songs: Yes, Rome is the eternal city.


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