Allan Kardec

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The occupation of the spirits of the second order consists of their preparation for the trials that they will have to endure; it is done through the analysis of their previous existences and observations about the destiny of humans, their vices and virtues and how they can improve or fail. Those like myself, that are fortunate to have a mission are very much engaged with uncountable zeal and love, that the advancement of the souls entrusted to us is counted as a merit; hence, we do our best to inspire good thoughts, to help with good deeds, keeping the bad souls away, opposing their good influence to the harmful ones. Even in that interesting activity and particularly when fortunate enough to be able to guide a medium and provide direct communications, the spirit is still aware of his own needs for improvement.

Make no mistake. There is no idleness to a being that lives as a spirit and all his skills are focused on a single objective that he knows is far away but certain. Boredom can only come from an empty mind and from useless thoughts. Time that is a burden to you, measured by your foolish fears and your frivolous hopes, time does not affect those who are not submitted to the confusion of their souls or the needs of the body. Time goes by even faster for the superior and pure spirits, those in charge of executing God’s tasks and traveling the spheres of rapid flights. As for inferior spirits, particularly those with heavy faults to atone, time is measured by their sorrow, remorse and sufferings.

The worst among them seek to escape by doing evil or by the suggestion of bad things. That is when they experience a bitter and temporary sensation like the injured person that scratches his wound just to feel more pain. Hence, their sufferings grow in such a way that they will have no alternative but to administer the proper medicine, returning to the good path. The poor spirits who are the only ones to blame for their weakness and ignorance endure emptiness and isolation. They feel sorry for their earthly body, regardless of their pain. They rebel and despair until they realize that it is only through resignation and a strong will to return to good that they can alleviate their sufferings. As they become calm, they understand that God does not abandon a single creature.

Marcillac, familiar spirit

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