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Second Edition

The first edition of The Mediums’ Book published in the beginning of this year was sold out in a few months and this is not one of the least indicators of the progress of the spiritist ideas. We attested ourselves, in our journeys, the healthy influence that this book has exerted on the direction of the practical studies of Spiritism. Thus, deceptions and mystifications are much less significant than in the past because this book teaches the means of uncovering the tricks of deceiving spirits. This second edition is much more complete than the previous one. It contains a large number of very important new instructions and several new chapters. The whole part specially dedicated to the mediums, to the identity of the spirits, to the obsession, to the question that may be addressed to the spirits, to the contradictions, to the means of distinguishing between the good and bad spirits, to the formation of spiritist groups, and the matters of fraud in Spiritism received remarkable developments, as a result of experience. In the chapter about the spiritist dissertations we added several apocryphal communications followed by adequate observations aiming at providing the means of finding the fraud of deceiving spirits who use false names. We must add, that the book was entirely revised by the spirits who brought numerous observations of the highest importance to the point that we can say that the book is as much theirs as ours.

We highly recommend this new edition as the most complete guide both to the mediums and to the simple observers. We can affirm that by strictly following it, one can avoid the so common hurdles against which so many inexperienced novices will face. After having read and given serious thought to that work, those who will still be mystified will only be able to blame but themselves since they were given all means of clarification.

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