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We published in the December 1860 issue several communications signed by Clara under the title punishment of the selfish, in which that spirit reveals her bad inclinations and her currently deplorable situation. Our colleague, Mrs. Costel, who knew her when she was alive and who serves as a medium worked with her in the process of her moral education. Her efforts were crowned by success. It can be assessed by the spontaneous dissertation below, given at the Society on March 1st last.

“I will speak about the important difference between the divine and the human moral. The former supports the adulterous woman in her lonely fate and tells the sinners: ‘Repent and the kingdom of God will welcome you’ - The divine moral accepts every regret and all confessed faults while human moral rejects them, admitting the occult sins with a smile, saying that they are half-forgiven. It extends the grace of pardon to one; hypocrisy to the other. Truth seekers, you must choose! Choose from the heavens open to regret and tolerance that admits error as long as it does not affect its selfishness and false arrangements, but that denies the passion and the tears dropped after the publically confessed faults. Repent, all of you who sin; renounce to evilness but most importantly to the hypocrisy that hides the ugliness of evil under the smiles and deceiving mask of mutual conveniences.”


Here is another example of a conversation, obtained in a more or less similar situation. An unknown lady who was a medium was present at the same session, writing at the Society for the first time. She knew a woman that had died 9 years ago and that when alive was not much loved. Since her death she had become perverse, always seeking to do bad things. However, good advices given to her were able to develop better feelings. In this session she gave the following spontaneous dissertation: “I beg you for your prayers. I need to be good. I have persecuted and obsessed someone that was supposed to do good for a long time. God wants me to stop harassing people but I am afraid that I don’t have the necessary courage. Help me. I have been so bad! Oh! I suffer a lot! Much suffering! Being bad used to make me happy. I have done that with all my heart but I want to stop doing those bad things. Oh! Pray for me.”


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