Allan Kardec

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“Dear Sir,

The spiritists also wanted to assure us once more that your sympathy has been conquered by us when we joined our wishes to yours regarding the prosperity of this sacred Doctrine, the result of your work. The spirit Ferdinand, one of our guardian spirits, spontaneously dictated the following teaching that I gladly transmit to you: ‘The great spiritist family to which you belong daily sees the number of its children grow and soon there will no longer be in your beautiful homeland cities or neighborhoods where there will not be a tent that has not been set up by the members of this God blessed tribe. It would be already impossible to determine the numerous centers gravitating around the luminous focus located in Paris since we know only the centers of the large cities. Among those the Spiritist Society of Metz deserves distinction for their knowledge, intelligence and fraternal union. That Society is destined to provide abundant fruits and seeking a friendly relationship with them based on a reciprocal respect you will fill with joy the paternal heart of their chief, present here today. The eminent spirit Erastus told you yesterday: - Be united, for union is power. You then must endeavor, all of you, to do it so that all French centers, united by the links of fraternity, stride at gigantic steps on the designed avenue.

spiritual guide of the medium.’

In conclusion and as a loyal interpreter of the feelings expressed by this good spirit, I propose a toast to our spiritist brothers of Metz in particular and to all French spiritists in general.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Persuaded that the kind words pronounced yesterday by our right honorable spiritist chief here have not fallen onto rocks and thorn bushes, but on your hearts now prepared to strengthen the links of fraternity, I would like to propose a toast to our spiritist brothers of Lyon. They started their tasks before we did and in order to organize themselves they also suffered the same attacks that made us suffer so much. However, thanks to the impulse that our beloved master gave them last year they moved a huge step forward on the blessed path delineated by the good spirits to humanity. Let us imitate them ladies and gentlemen. May a praiseworthy emulation unite the spiritists of Bordeaux and Lyon so that their communion of thoughts and feelings allow everyone to say that the spiritists of Bordeaux and Lyon are brothers! I propose a toast to the union of our brothers from Bordeaux and Lyon.

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