Allan Kardec

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“Mr. Allan Kardec, our dear Master:

In the name of every spiritist worker of Bordeaux, my friends, my brothers, I allow myself to propose a toast to your prosperity. Although you have already an elevated perfection, may God help you to grow even more in the good feelings that have animated you so far and in particular help you grow to the eyes of the universe and in the hearts of those who follow your Doctrine thus getting closer to God! We who take part in the group that professes it we praise you from the bottom of our hearts and pray to our divine Creator to allow you to stay much longer among us so that once your mission is over we are strong enough in our faith to stand up on our own feet and not to veer off from the good path. For us it is a reason for ineffable happiness the fact that we are able to be enlightened by Spiritism. However, our knowledge and satisfaction are not enough. With the Doctrine we take on four different duties, as follows: submission that makes us hear with meekness; affection that makes us love with tenderness; enthusiasm to eagerly defend its interests and practice that allows us to honor it with our work.

We are in the heart of Spiritism and Spiritism is for us a solid consolation in our penalties. Because – we need to confess – there are moments in life when reason might be able to sustain us but there are others when we have the need of all the faith that we can get from Spiritism, to avoid failure. It is useless that the Philosophers come to us preaching a stoic resilience, repeating their pompous maxims; it is useless to tell us that nothing can disturb the wise person and that people were built to own themselves and dominate the events of life. Sad consolation! Far from mitigating my pain you make it worse; we only find emptiness and dryness in your words. But Spiritism comes to rescue us demonstrating that our pain may contribute to our happiness. Yes, master. You must continue you august mission, showing us this Science that is brought to you by the will of God, our consolation during this life and that will sustain our thoughts at the time of death. Receive, dear Master, these few words from the bottom of the heart of your children, since you are this paternal figure to all of us, the father of the working class and the afflicted ones. You know that progress and pain walk side by side, but when our hearts were invaded by despair you brought us strength and courage. Yes, by bringing us Spiritism you said: Courage, brothers and sisters! Bear the trials that are sent to you with no complaints and God will bless you. You must then know that we are devoted apostles and that in this century as in future centuries your name will be praised by our children and by our workers friends.”

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