Allan Kardec

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“Spiritism rises and soon its fertile light will illuminate the world. Shining magnificently it will protest against the attacks of those interested in keeping up with the abuse and against the incredulity of materialism. The doubters will feel happy for finding in this new, beautiful and pure doctrine the consoling balm that will heal their skepticism, thus facilitating their betterment and progress as with everybody else. Privileged will be those who take off rapidly flying towards the pinnacles of the purest ideas, seeking their complete dematerialization. People! Stand up to watch the dawn of this new regenerating era; sent by God to have you all united in a sacred and fraternal communion. Oh! The happiness of those who listen to this blessed voice of Spiritism, following its flag and accomplishing their apostolic mission that will recover the brothers lost on the path of doubt and ignorance, or blinded by vices!

Come back, wondering sheep, come back to the pen. Raise your head, look at your Creator and you will pay tribute to God’s love for you. Promptly remove the veil hiding the Spirit of Divinity from you; admire its great beauty; kneel down, bring your face to the ground and repent. Repentance will open the doors of happiness to you, the doors of a better world where you will find the purest love, the real fraternity where each person finds joy and in their neighbor’s joy.

Don’t you feel that the time has come for the advent of new things? Don’t you feel that Earth seems to be giving birth? What do all these people want with their agitation, their hurry to fight? Why are they going to fight? To break the chains that preclude the advancement of their intelligences; that absorb their energies; that sow mistrust and discord; that forearm the son against his father and brother against brother; that corrupt noble aspirations and kill the genius. Oh! Freedom! Oh! Independence! Noble attributes of God’s children, growing hearts and elevating souls; you are the reason why men become good, great and generous; you drag our aspirations to good; you eliminate injustice and hatred, and discord flees in shame with its dying trail projecting sinister flashes of light. Brothers! Listen to the voice that tells you: March! March towards that shining goal before you! March towards that shining ray of light ahead of you, as in the past when the column illuminated before the people of Israel. You shall be led to the true Promised Land, the kingdom of eternal happiness reserved to the pure spirits! Arm yourself with virtues; purify yourself from impurities and your path will seem easy, escorted by flowers. You will walk it with ineffable joy for on each step of the way you will feel that your goal is closer, a place where you will win the eternal palms.


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