Allan Kardec

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Once upon a time a water spring appeared in a formerly barren region. At first it was only a trickle of water that flowed into the plains, to which no importance was given. Gradually it became bigger, turning into a small creek and then a river; expanding, it encroached upon neighboring terrain, but those who remained untouched by the waters, had their fields fertilized bringing large profits to them. A nearby landowner, discontent seeing his land diminish, tried to stop the flow to recover his stretch of land, thinking that such action would expand his wealth. As it turned out, the blocked river flooded everything, land and owner.

Such is the image of progress: like the impetuous river, it breaks opposing levees, dragging along the unwise that instead of following its course, try to block it. The same will happen to Spiritism. God sends it to fertilize the moral terrain of humanity. Blessed are the ones who are able to take advantage of that and unfortunate are the ones who try to oppose God’s designs! Don’t you see it advancing by leaps and bounds in the four corners of the globe? Its voice is heard everywhere and it will soon muffle the voice of the adversaries in such a way that they will be forced to silence and forced to bow before the obvious. Humanity! Those who try to stop the irresistible march of progress await difficult trials. God allows that to happen for the glorification of some and punishment of others but gives you in Spiritism, the pilot which shall lead you to the harbor, carrying in its hand the flag of hope.

Wilhelm, the medium’s grandfather

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