Allan Kardec

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1. Evocation – A. I am here, my good friends.

2. We have a request from your parents to ask you if you are happier in your current existence than you were in your earthly life. – A. Oh yes, I am happier than they are.

3. Do you frequently assist your mother? – A. I almost never leave her but she cannot understand all the encouragement that I give her. She wouldn’t otherwise be feeling so bad. She cries for me but I am happy! God called me back. It is a favor. How reassured all mothers would be had they all be blessed by the lights of Spiritism! Tell my poor mother to resign or else she will stay away from her dear daughter. Those who do not resign to the will of their Creator fail the objective of their trials. May her understand it very well or she will not be able to see me any time soon. She lost me materially speaking but she will meet me in Spirit. May she recover promptly to attend your sessions! I will then be able to better console her and I will be happier myself.

4. Would you be able to manifest to her in a more particular way? Could she operate as your medium? She could then feel more consolation than through our intermediation. – A. She shall hold a pen like you do and I will try to dictate something to her. That is very difficult to us when we don’t find the necessary dispositions for that.

5. Could you tell us why has God at such an early age taken you from the heart of your family where you were joy and reassurance? – A. Read again. *

6. Could you tell us about your feelings at the time of death? – A. A disturbance. I did not believe to be dead. It made me feel very sorry for leaving my mother behind! I did not recognize myself. It changed when I understood though.

7. Are you completely dematerialized now? – A. Yes.

8. Could you tell us how long has that disturbance lasted? – A. It lasted six of your weeks.

9. Where were you when you recognized yourself? – A. By my body. I saw the cemetery and realized it. Mom, I am always by your side. I see you and understand you much better than when I had a body. Hence you must stop suffering because you have only lost the poor body that you had given me. Your daughter is always there. No more crying. On the contrary, rejoice for this is the only attitude that will be good to you and to me too. We will better understand one another; I will tell you many pleasant things. God will allow me to; we will pray together. I will be among these persons that work for the benefit of humanity; I will take part in their work and I will help you. That will help us both in our advancement.

Your daughter who loves you,

PS – You will give this to my mother. I shall be grateful.

10. Do you believe that your mother’s recovery will still take long? – A. That will depend on the consolation that she receives and her resignation.

11. Do you remember all of your previous incarnations? – A. No; not all of them.

12. Was the one before the last one on Earth? – A. Yes, I was in a large commercial house.

13. When was that? – A. During the kingdom of Louis XIV; in the beginning.

14. Do you remember some characters of that time? – A. I met Mr. Duke of Orleans who used to buy supplies in our store. I also knew Mazarin and part of his family.

15. Has your latest existence served much to the advancement of your Spirit? – A. It did not serve me much because I did not endure any trial. More than to me it was a trial to my parents.

16. How about the one before the last one was it more beneficial? – A. Yes because I was much tested in that one. Loss of fortune; death of all of those who were dear to me; I was left alone. However, I trusted my Creator and supported everything with resignation. Tell my mother to do as I did. May the one who will take my consolation to her shake hands with all of my good relatives. Good-bye.

* The Spirit requests the reader to read again the essential points of the Doctrine. (TN).

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