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Another banquet this year gathered a number of spiritists in Lyon with the difference that last year there was about thirty guests whereas this year there was one hundred and sixty persons, representing the several groups that consider themselves as members of the same family and among which there isn’t a shadow of jealousy and rivalry, something that we observed with pleasure. Workers formed the majority of the guests and everyone noticed the perfect order of the event which was not broken for a single moment; that is because true spiritists find satisfaction in the joys of the heart and not in noisy pleasures. Several speeches were made and we will report them here since they summarize the situation and characterize a phase of movement in Spiritism. Besides, they show the true spirit of this population, once regarded with a certain dread having been perhaps misjudged and poorly guided morally. Unfortunately one of the main speeches will not be published and that is something that we sincerely regret. It is the speech given by Mr. Renaud, a remarkable speech in his appreciations and where there is nothing out of place with the exception of the praises directed to us. The somewhat lengthy transcript was not given to us before we left, precluding us from its publication. That does not make us less thankful to the author for his testimonies of sympathy towards us. It was noted that and by an unforeseen coincidence, since it depended on the schedule of our arrival, that the banquet this year occurred on the same day as last year on September 19th.

Speech by Mr. Dijoud, worshop Supervisor, President of the Brotteaux Spiritist Group, thanking the good spirits

My dear friends,

I want to thank the good spirits in the name of all of us for having gathered and initiated us in the divine laws through their manifestations, laws to which we are all submitted, reason for an immense satisfaction to us considering that the generous consolations that we are given help us to withstand the trials and sufferings of this transient life with patience and resignation, once we no longer ignore the objective of our incarnations of hard work and the rewards that awaits us, if we endure them with courage and submission. We also learned through them that if we listen to their advice and practice their sublime moral we will build ourselves the kingdom of happiness promised by God through his son. Then egotism, malice and slander will disappear from around us for we are all brothers and must love, help and forgive one another like brothers do. Hence we are responding to the invisible appeal of the superior spiritist coming here to give them the testimony of our acknowledgement with the unison of our hearts. Let us pray that they keep us under their protection and love and continue with their so generous, so consoling and so vivifying teachings that have done us so much good from the very moment when we were fortunate to receive their communications. Oh! My friends! How beautiful was the day when God invited us! Let us all make the resolution to be good and sincere spiritists and never forget this Doctrine that shall bring happiness to humanity towards good. Thanks to the good spirits who assist us and bring us light and thanks to God for having sent them to us!

Toast proposed by Mr. Courtet, businessman

Ladies and gentlemen,

As a member of the Spiritist Group of Brotteaux I would like to propose a toast in its name to honor Mr. and Mrs. Dijoud.

Madam! I have the pleasant duty of serving as interpreter to our Society that thanks you for everything you have done in our favor! How many times you brought consolation to us! How many tears of kindness and joy you brought to our eyes! Your kind and modest heart was not proud of your successes which only made you more charitable. We know well madam that you are just an interpreter of the superior spirits who are linked to you, but we are also aware of your devotion in carrying out that task! It was through you that we were initiated in those elevated matters of moral and philosophy whose solution must bring the kingdom of God and consequently happiness to Earth. We also thank you ma’am for the assistance you give to those of us who are ill. Your faith and devotion are rewarded by the satisfaction you have to do good and alleviate the suffering of others. We beg you to continue your good service. You must rest assured of all our gratitude and our eternal recognition.

Mr. Dijoud, we thank you for your intelligence, for the firmness and complacency that you bring to our meetings. We count on you to continue this great undertaking with the help of the good spirits.

Toast proposed by Mr. Bouillant, Professor

I have the honor of proposing a toast to Mr. Allan Kardec, a toast with our whole gratitude and acknowledgment, on behalf of his followers, his apostles present here. Ah! How happy we are the volunteers of our great valiant, our beloved leader! If we experience so much happiness, it must be said, for this special favor done to us today and this cannot ever be forgotten. Which soldier would not remember with the warmest feeling the very day when the general came to meet him and sat at the same table and shared bread with him?

Well then! We are your soldiers, dear master, your voluntary workers and regardless of how high you have plunged your flag it is not our duty to defend it because there is no need but it is our duty to make it triumph through a cautious and devoted propagation. This cause is in reality such a beautiful and reassuring truth! You demonstrated that so well in your books so full of erudition, knowledge, and eloquence! Ah! We all recognize it, those pages of a man inspired by the pure spirit; we have all realized it when drinking from the fountain of your thoughtful work that all of your thoughts were emanations of the Almighty!

Besides, dear master, if we add that your mission here is sacred and blessed it is because we have felt that more than once and were helped by your enlightenment, the gentle spark that interconnects the visible and invisible worlds that gravitate the infinity! Hence, our heart beats are in unison with the same love towards you. Please receive from us the lively, sincere and profound expression of that love. To you, with all our heart, to you with all our spirit!

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