Allan Kardec

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My dear children, the way you see God’s will is wrong since you consider everything that happens as an expression of his will. God certainly knows everything that has been, that is and that will be; since his sacred will is the actual expression of his divine love, it always carries his grace and blessings; now, when someone stays away from that unique path that person attracts sufferings that are simple warnings. Blindfolded by the spirit of pride or drowned in the swamp of passions, people of our times unfortunately do not wish to understand those warnings. Now, know this my children, the time has come when God’s will shall triumph on Earth. Anyone who dares to disgracefully deny that will be broken like the bamboo, while those who have settled on the right path will discover the treasures of the infinite mercy. Behold that if God’s will is the expression of his love, hence immutable and eternal, every rebellious attitude against that will, although supported by an incomprehensible logic, is just temporary as a demonstration of God’s mercy and not as an expression of his will.


I am glad to see, my children, that your faith is unyielding, despite the attacks of disbelief. Had everyone accepted with the same enthusiasm, the same perseverance, and especially the same good faith that some did accept that extraordinary manifestation of the divine benevolence, a new door would open to their own advancement, and that would have been evident proof that the world is not so bad or pitiless as it seems and that God’s hand had unfairly hit humanity, something obviously inadmissible. Thus, don’t be surprised by the opposition brought upon Spiritism in this world. Spiritism is naturally exposed to the persecution of selfishness and fanaticism, this always derived from the former, because Spiritism is destined to win the combat against egotism, for the triumph of charity. Remember what has been said centuries ago: “For many are called but few are chosen.” Nevertheless, the good that comes from God will always triumph over the bad that comes from people.


God brought faith and charity to Earth to help humanity to shake the double tyranny of wickedness and whim and there is no doubt that with those divine engines they would have long ago reached the most comprehensive happiness possible to people on Earth and given the condition of your planet, if the human being had not allowed faith to languish and hearts to dry out. For a moment they believed that they could let the faith go and be saved by charity only. Then they saw the surge of a large number of social systems, good in their intentions but impractical and faulty in their application. You may ask: Why are they impractical? Aren’t they based on everyone’s altruism? Yes, no doubt, but to be based on altruism it is necessary that altruism exists! Well, it is not enough to decree; it is necessary to inspire altruism. Since there is no faith that ensures the future life and rewards, altruism is then a mistake to the eyes of the selfish. That is why systems that are only founded on material interests are unstable. It is certain that the individual would not be able to construct anything harmonious and long lasting without faith, faith that endows the individual with a moral force superior to all other physical forces and that also opens up the door to the assistance of the spiritual world, thus allowing humanity to drink directly from the fountain of the divine omnipotence.


“Even after you have accomplished all that was commanded, see yourself as a useless servant.” These words from Christ teach you humility as the first foundation of faith and one of the first conditions to charity. The faithful does not forget that God is aware of all imperfections; hence, one does not pretend to show to others what one does not have. The humble always faces criticism with kindness regardless of how unfair those may be, since, you must know this well, injustice never irritates the just but pressing the finger onto some soft and poisoned spot of your soul makes you blush with the heat of shame, a sure indication of a barely disguised pride. Pride, my dear, is the greatest obstacle to your betterment, because it does not allow you to take advantage of the received teachings. Thus, the best way to work towards your own improvement is by battling it at all times, in all quarters.


If you look at the world around you will see that everything is in harmony. Beauty is the harmony of the material world. However, it is still the less noble part of creation. The harmony of the spiritual world is love, a divine emanation that fulfills the spaces and leads men to their creator. You must strive, my dear, to fill your own hearts with that love. Any greatness of yours outside this law would not be taken into account. It is only when love has triumphed on Earth that the kingdom of God promised by the apostles shall come to you.

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