Allan Kardec

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A little while later the wretched came gradually back to life, but just to say: ‘That is incredible! How could it be since I swim so well! He knew perfectly well who had saved him and yet he looked at me and said: ‘Wow! That was close! You know, there are times when we lose it. It is not our strength that fails us but…but…’ I knew he could not go on hence I quickly said: ‘Fortunately thanks to this brave young man you are safe.’ He looked at the boy who observed him indifferently and resting his hands on his waist he added: ‘True, really.’ He then said farewell. Fantasia wanted to go after him. ‘Now, then!’ she said holding her horses, ‘in fact it is very natural.’ The boy saw him leaving and returned to his dog. This time Fantasia cried.

Gérard de Nerval

Following a remark from a member of the Society indicating that the conclusion was still missing Gérard added the following words: ‘I am prepared with all my heart to write another essay. Regarding this one, Fantasia tells me to stop here. She might be wrong. She is so whimsical!’

The conclusion had been given in anticipation by the Viscount Delaunay.

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