Allan Kardec

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The year that ends has seen a substantial progress in the belief in Spiritism. It is a reason for great happiness to humankind since it moves humanity away from the border of the abyss that threatens to drag the human spirit. The New Year will be even better as it will see serious material changes and a revolution of ideas, and Spiritism will not be forgotten, believe me; on the contrary, people will cling to it as a stone of salvation. I will pray that God may bless your work and make it advance. St. Louis

OBSERVATION: In an intimate session another medium spontaneously received the following communication about the same subject: The year will begin and it contains folds of the greatest things. Head first; the reaction will fall into its own tender trap. Why do you think Earth is covered by railroads and the seas are open to electricity if it was not for the spread of the good news? The truth, the good and the beautiful will finally be understood by all. So, do not get weary, true spiritists, for your task is marked in the work of regeneration. Happy will be those capable of accomplishing it!

Leon J… (Medium’s brother)

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