Allan Kardec

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Emma D… was a 7 year old beautiful girl who died after having suffered for six months, hardly eating anything during the last six weeks before her death.

1. Evocation – A. I am here Ma’am, what is it that you want?

2. I want to know where you are; if you are happy and why has God inflicted such a heavy burden of losing you onto your mother and your sisters. – A. I am among good spirits that love me and instruct me; I am happy, very happy. My passage with you was the remains of a physical trial. I suffered but that suffering was nothing; it purified my soul while it destroyed my poor body. I now learn about the life of the soul. I am incarnate but now as a conservative spirit. I live in a world where none of us stays longer than necessary to learn the teachings of the great spirits. Beyond that I travel, preventing disgraces, sending temptations away. I am frequently here. There are so many poor African Americans! I always complained but now I love them. Yes, I do love them, poor souls! Many of them are good, better than their masters, and we must feel sorry even for the lazy ones. Many times I visited my dear mother. Whenever she feels her heart invigorating that is me casting the divine balm on her. She does need to suffer, though! Later it will all be forgotten. And Lucia, my beloved Lucia, shall be with me before long. But the others will come. It is nothing more than dying to be this way: we change bodies, and that is all. I no longer suffer the illness that upset others. I am happier now and at night I lean over my mom and kiss her. She feels nothing but she dreams of me and sees me like I was before the terrible disease. Do understand Ma’am that I am happy. I wish I could have some roses at the corner of the garden where I used to sleep in the past. You could suggest that to Lucia to have some roses there. I loved roses and I still go there so often! I have roses there but Lucia sleeps every day in my little place and I am also by her side every day. I love her so much!

3. My dear little girl, could I see you? – A. No. You still cannot see me, but look at the beam of sun light on the table. I will cross it. Thank you for having evoked me. Be indulgent towards my sisters. Good-bye. The spirit disappeared, for a moment shadowing the light beam that was still there. As soon as the flowers were placed on her dear spot at the garden the medium wrote the word thanks three days later, with the signature of the child. She then wrote: “Start your letter over again; I don’t mind. I am so happy to have a medium. I will come back. Thank you for the roses. Good bye!”

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