Allan Kardec

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Friend of Mrs. Costel’s son, the medium, deceased when he was 14 years old. Evoked 8 days after his death

1. Evocation – A. I thank you for the evocation. I remember you and our strolls at Monceau Park.

2. And what can you tell us about our comrade Charles? – A. Charles is very sorry for my death. But am I dead? I see, I feel alive, I think as I did before; it is just that I cannot touch myself and I don’t recognize anything around me.

3. What is it that you see? – A. I see a great clarity; my feet don’t touch the ground; I slide; I feel dragged. I see bright figures and others dressed in white; I feel their pressure and they surround me; some smile at me others scare me with their dark eyes.

4. Do you see your mother? – A. Ah! Yes. I see my mother, my sister and my brother. Here they are! My mother cries a lot. I wish I could speak with her as I do with you. She would see that I am not dead. How can I console her? I beg you to speak of me. I would like also that you tell Charles that I will have fun by watching his work.

5. Do you see your body? – A. Yes, I see my body there, stiff. However, I am not in that grave since I am here.

6. Where are you then? – A. I am here, by your table, on the right hand side. It is funny that you cannot see me when I see you so well!

7. What was your sensation when you left your body behind? – A. I don’t remember very well what I felt then. I had a splitting headache and there were a lot of things around me. I felt numb; I wanted to move but I couldn’t; my hands were wet from sweat and I noticed a lot of work done on my body; then I felt nothing else and woke up kind of relieved; there was no more suffering and I felt myself light as a feather. Then I saw myself in bed but I was not there; I saw all the arrangements around me and then I left.

8. How did you know that I called you? – A. I don’t understand that very well. I just heard your call and I promptly came because, as I used to tell Charles, you are not boring. Good bye Ma’am, so long. We will speak again, right?

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