Allan Kardec

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You often say this about a bad person that escapes danger: ‘If he were a good person he would have died’. Well, you are right by saying so since it often happens that God gives a longer life to a spirit still young on the path of progress than to a good spirit whose merit is awarded with a trial as short as possible. Hence you must know that it is a blasphemy when a good neighbor dies and there is a bad person near his house and you say: ‘it should have been the other one!’ It is a big mistake for the one that passes has finished his task whereas the one that stays might not have even started his. Why would you like that he did not have time to complete it and that the other who left should stay longer attached to the Earthly glebe?

What would you say about a prisoner that had finished his time and continued in prison while someone else who did not conquer the right of freedom was set free? You must understand that the true freedom is in the liberation from the bodily links and that you shall be in captivity while you are on Earth. You should get used to not condemning what you cannot understand and trust that God is just in all things. Often what seems bad to you is good but your faculties are so very limited that the big picture escapes your biased senses. Do your best to get out of your narrow sphere through your thoughts and as you elevate, the importance of this material life will diminish before your eyes as just an incident in your endless spiritual life, the only true existence.


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