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“Many are invited, but only a few are chosen”
Through spontaneous communication
(Received by Mr. D’Ambel, medium at the Society)

This evangelical maxim is much better applied to our present time than to the early days of Christianity. In fact, haven’t you already heard the uproar of the storm that must drag the old world and have the summation of all worldly iniquities swallowed into a void? Ah! Blessed the Lord, you who entrusted your faith in his sovereign justice, and like you apostles of the new belief revealed by the superior prophetic voices, go and preach the new dogma of reincarnation and the progress of the spirits according to the way they have accomplished their missions and withstood their earthly trials. Have no fear! The tongues of fire are above your heads. Oh! Followers of Spiritism, you are God’s elected ones! Go and preach the divine word. Time has come and you must sacrifice your habits, your works, and your futile concerns. Go and preach! The superior spirits are with you. You will certainly speak to people who will not be interested in listening to God’s voice because that voice relentlessly claims abnegation. You will preach altruism to the greedy, abstinence to the perverted, and kindness to the domestic tyrants and dictators. Lost words, I know well. But, never mind! You must irrigate the terrain with your sweat for it will not yield and fructify without the persistent efforts of the evangelical hoe and plough. Go and preach!

Yes, all of you, people of good faith, who believe in your inferiority before the globes and spread in the infinity of space, join the crusade against injustice and iniquity. Go; reverse this invasive worship of the golden calf. Go, God is with you! Simple and ignorant people, your tongues will be freed and you shall speak as no other speaker has done before. Go and preach and the attentive crowds will gladly harvest your words of consolation, fraternity, hope and peace. Never mind the traps that will be thrown in your path! Only wolves fall into the traps prepared for wolves and behold, the shepherd will defend his flock against the bloodthirsty adversaries. Thus, move on with your grandiose faith and in small numbers! March on! The great battalions of disbelievers will fall before your eyes like the morning mist dissipates before the early rays of the rising sun. Faith is the virtue that moves mountains, said Jesus. However, all vices and impurities hidden in the human beings’ heart are heavier than the heaviest mountain. Go and have no fear to move that mountain of iniquities that future generations will only know as legends of the past, like you, who only has a slight idea about the times prior to the pagan civilization. Yes, there will be moral and philosophical struggles all over the world. Time is near when the divine light will shine on both worlds.

Take the divine word to notables who will show contempt; to scholars who will demand proof; to the little and simple ones who will accept the word because you will find in them the martyrs of the work, where you will see devotion and faith in their earthly punishments! These are the ones who will welcome the sacred consolation with grace and worship, praising the Lord with their songs, bending before his will, thanking him for their misery. May your troops be forearmed with resolution and courage! Onto the work! The plough is ready; the terrain awaits; cultivation is needed. Go now and thank God for the glorious task that you have been assigned. But remember that among the many called to Spiritism several have gone astray. Watch your route and follow the path of truth.

Q – If many of those called to Spiritism have gone astray, how can we identify those who are on the good path? – A. You will recognize them by the application of the principles of the professed true charity; by the number of ill-fated people that they console; by their love to their neighbor, by their abnegation and selfless; finally, you will recognize them by the triumph of those principles since God wishes the establishment of his law. The ones who follow that law are the chosen ones and God will award them with victory but those who betray the spirit of his law, using it as a pedestal to their vanity and ambition, those will be crushed.
Erastus, guardian angel of the medium

Occupation of the Spirits,
(Medium Mrs. Costel)

The occupation of the spirits of the second order consists of their preparation for the trials that they will have to endure; it is done through the analysis of their previous existences and observations about the destiny of humans, their vices and virtues and how they can improve or fail. Those like myself, that are fortunate to have a mission are very much engaged with uncountable zeal and love, that the advancement of the souls entrusted to us is counted as a merit; hence, we do our best to inspire good thoughts, to help with good deeds, keeping the bad souls away, opposing their good influence to the harmful ones. Even in that interesting activity and particularly when fortunate enough to be able to guide a medium and provide direct communications, the spirit is still aware of his own needs for improvement.

Make no mistake. There is no idleness to a being that lives as a spirit and all his skills are focused on a single objective that he knows is far away but certain. Boredom can only come from an empty mind and from useless thoughts. Time that is a burden to you, measured by your foolish fears and your frivolous hopes, time does not affect those who are not submitted to the confusion of their souls or the needs of the body. Time goes by even faster for the superior and pure spirits, those in charge of executing God’s tasks and traveling the spheres of rapid flights. As for inferior spirits, particularly those with heavy faults to atone, time is measured by their sorrow, remorse and sufferings.

The worst among them seek to escape by doing evil or by the suggestion of bad things. That is when they experience a bitter and temporary sensation like the injured person that scratches his wound just to feel more pain. Hence, their sufferings grow in such a way that they will have no alternative but to administer the proper medicine, returning to the good path. The poor spirits who are the only ones to blame for their weakness and ignorance endure emptiness and isolation. They feel sorry for their earthly body, regardless of their pain. They rebel and despair until they realize that it is only through resignation and a strong will to return to good that they can alleviate their sufferings. As they become calm, they understand that God does not abandon a single creature.
Marcillac, familiar spirit

(Sent by Mr. Sabò from Bordeaux)

The choice of good writers is very useful. Those who exert their authority upon you by exciting your imagination with foolish human passions will only corrupt your heart and spirit. There are no moral teachings to be garnered by those who publicly support orgies, intemperance, ecstasy and all material pleasures. Take into account, my friends, that if God gave you passions it was for the achievement of his designs and not for your own rudimentary pleasure. Know this, that if you spend your life satisfying a few mad desires you will keep nothing but remorse and emptiness of heart, and you will not please God.

If you were given the ability to reproduce the human species the reason for that is in the need of thousands of wandering souls that await in space for the opportunity of having a body and restarting their trials; now if you use your physical strength in shameful orgies you work against God’s will and for that you shall pay dearly. Thus I recommend that you cast away useless literature that does not help the improvement of your intelligence or your moral betterment. May the serious writers from all times and from all countries help you to approach beauty and good; as they raise your soul to the delights of poetry and may they help you realize your God given gifts! Felicia, medium’s daughter

OBSERVATION: Isn’t the idea of such an elevated objective to human reproduction something prominent and sublime? The wandering spirits wait for those bodies, necessary for their own betterment, and the incarnated spirits are tasked with that reproduction, like man, who waits for the product from the fabrication of certain animals to be clothed and fed.

There is another lesson of great significance that sticks out from that. If one does not admit that the soul had lived before it is then absolutely necessary to admit that it is created at the very moment of body formation, from which it follows that the creation of the soul by God would be subordinated to the good will of the individual, and in most cases it would result from human’s intemperance. How can it be! Every religion and moral law condemns the depravation of customs. We ask any person of common sense if it is at all possible that God may contradict Himself to such an extent. Wouldn’t that be the glorification of vices as long as serving the purpose of achieving the Almighty designs?

Tell us if that would not be the consequence of the simultaneous formation of body and soul; and it would be even worse than admitting the opinion that the human being procreates the soul as one does with the body.

Now let us admit the opposite that the soul preexists and every contradiction disappears since humans only procreate the body and God’s work, the creation of the immortal soul that will one day return to God, that is no longer submitted to the caprices of humanity.

That is how without reincarnation there is always a new philosophical difficulty that shows up, leading to contradiction and absurd explanations. Hence, the principle of unity of our corporeal life, irreversibly defining the future of humanity, falls on its own basis, losing terrain and followers every day. We can then safely say that the contrary principle will be universally accepted as the only logical one, the only one in agreement with God’s justice, the one proclaimed by Christ himself when he said: ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.’

About the Perispirit
Spontaneous message related to a discussion that had just taken place at the Society about the nature of the spirit and the perispirit – Medium Mr. A. Didier

I followed with interest the discussion that you have just had and that has put you in an embarrassing situation. Yes, there are a lack of words related to color and form to express the perispirit and its true nature. But there is one certainty. What some call perispirit is the same as what others call a fluidic and material envelope. When similar things are discussed, one must be careful with the words and not with the sentences. In order to make myself understood in a more logical way, I say that that fluid is the perfectibility of the senses, the extension of the vision and ideas. I speak about the elevated spirits. As for the inferior spirits, the earthly fluids are still totally inherent in them; so it is the matter that you see; hence the sensation of cold, hunger, etc. sensations that cannot reach superior spirits since the earthly fluids are purified around the soul. The soul always has the need for an instrument to advance. The soul without an agent is nothing to you, or better said, it cannot be conceived by you. For us, wandering spirits, the perispirit is the agent through which we can communicate with you. That is why you find the infinite nuances of mediums and communications. Now there is still the scientific point of view, that is, the essence of the perispirit. That is a different subject. You must first understand it in moral terms. The only thing that is missing is a discussion about the nature of those fluids and that is inexplicable at this point in time. Science does not know enough but it will get there if it wants to move forward with Spiritism.

Angel Gabriel
(Evocation of a good spirit in Soultz-Haut-Rhin by Mrs. X.)

I am Gabriel, angel of the Lord, in charge of blessing you not for your merits but for the efforts you employ to acquire them. Life must be a struggle. One must never stop or balance between good and evil. Hesitation comes from Satan, from the bad spirits. Courage then! The more thorns in your path the more you need to struggle to walk through it. If the path were sowed with roses what would be your merit before God?

Everybody has his or her own ordeal on this Earth but not everybody faces that with the kind resignation exemplified by Jesus. It was so great that the angels were touched! How about humanity? Would a drop of tear roll before such pain? Oh! The stiffness of the human heart! Did you deserve such a sacrifice? Cast your face on the dust and implore for God’s mercy, God who is a thousand times good, a thousand times kind and a thousand times merciful!

A glimpse, Oh! My God, of your eyes upon your creation without which it will perish! Their heart is not up to your level. They cannot understand such excess of love from you. Have pity on them! A thousand times, have pity! Raise their courage through thoughts that can only come from you. Bless them so that and above all they can produce fruits worth of your greatness!

Praise to the most elevated heavens and peace to every person of good will!

These are the words that God wanted me to transmit to you. May you be blessed in God so that you may one day wake up in his heart!

Wake up!
(Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies, Medium Mrs. Costel)

I will speak about the symptoms and predictions announced everywhere about the forthcoming events of our century. By their touching kindness, the good spirits, the messengers of God come to warn humanity as the pain of the forthcoming delivery warns the mother. Those always justifiable but often neglected signs multiply to infinity in our days. Why do you feel the prophetic spirit agitating your heart and shaking your conscience? Why such uncertainty? Why is there a weakness that troubles the heart? Why has the public spirit awoken everywhere, proudly bearing its banner? Why? The time has come; the reign of materialism has broken and it is about to fall apart; the pleasures of the body that will soon be neglected will make room for the reign of ideas; the social structure is rotten and will give rise to the young and triumphant legion of the spiritist ideas that will fertilize the empty consciences and mute hearts.

May these words be endlessly repeated in order not to find you distracted and indifferent; you will receive those precious grains waiting to be born, after the farmer has sowed the seeds.

Don’t you dare say: life follows its normal course; our parents saw nothing that has been announced; we won’t do better! Let us worship what they worshiped, or even better, let us replace their worship by empty formulas and all will be fine.

By using those words you sleep. Wake up for it is not the trumpet of the final days that will vibrate in your ears but the voice of truth. This is not about a defeated and humiliated death. This is about the present life, or rather, about the eternal life. Do not forget it and wake up.

The Genius and the Misery
(Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies, medium Mr. Alfred Didier)

There is a very important trial on Earth that must support the morality of Spiritism: it is the terrible trial of the genius, especially the one endowed with superior skills, but subjected to the demands of misery. Ah! Yes. That moral trial, more trying to the mind than to the body, will be of great merit to the person that has accomplished his mission. Be aware of that unstoppable struggle between talent and misery, that unpleasant monster cast upon you during the celebrations of life, like the monster of Virgil telling his victims: You are powerful but I am the one that kills you; it is me who will turn your intelligence into dust because I am the death of genius.

I know that it is only a few that are defeated but how many others are there? There is a painter of the modern school who has conceived a very good image on the subject: ‘There is man, a genius, whose wings are spread and whose eyes are affixed to the side of the Sun; he is almost standing but he falls back onto the rock which he is shackled, perhaps forever.’

The man who had this dream might have been chained as well and perhaps after his liberation he remembered those left behind on the rock.
Gérard de Nerval

(Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies, medium Mrs. Costel)

I come to speak with you about the most important thing in these days of crises and transformation. At the time when nations are dressed up in their powerful outfits; at the time when the unveiled heavens show you the spirits of those that you thought dispersed like molecules or serving as pasture to worms traveling in the infinity; at this solemn time the human being can no longer hobble along in the darkness of one’s personality and materialism.

Like the shepherd in the past, guided by a star on the way to worship the Child-God, the human being must march towards the promised land of freedom and love, now guided by the bright dawn of Spiritism. One must understand that the great mystery is the extraordinary harmony of nature and its remarkable rhythm are models to humanity. In this amazing diversity that confuses the spirits, you must distinguish the perfect similarity of the relationship between created things and being created and that this powerful harmony initiates all of you, people of action, poets, artists, workers, the union in which we must blend the joint efforts during the pilgrimage of life. Caravans beset by storms and adversities, reach out to one another with your friendly hands and walk together looking up to a just God, the one who rewards a hundred times anyone who have alleviated the weak and the oppressed.

The Separation of the Spirit
(Sent by Mr. Sabò, from Bordeaux)

Body of mud, the origin of corruption where the catalyst of impure passions ferment; it is the organs that frequently drag the spirit to take part in the brute sensations that belong to the material world. When the principle of organic life expires through one of the thousands of accidents of the body, the spirit separates from the links that attached it to its foul prison, and there it goes free in space.

When the spirit is ignorant and in particular very guilty, however, the beauties of the dwelling of the good spirits are hidden by a thick veil, and the spirit remains among bad and inferior ones in a circle where it remains oblivious of its actual position, not knowing where it came from.

The spirit then suffers during a more or less lengthy period of time, until the moment when brotherly spirits come to shine a light on his position, and open its eyes to the remembrance of the places where the spirit has inhabited before, as well as the many other planets where new incarnations will take place. If the last incarnation were successful it opens the doors to the superior worlds. If it were useless and full of iniquities, the spirit is punished by remorse and after submitting to God’s will through regret and with the support of the others, the spirit starts a new life not as a reward but as a punishment or a trial.
Ferdinand, a familiar spirit

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