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Moses and Jesus’ Laws
(Received by Mr. R…, from Mulhouse)

One of our subscribers from Mulhouse sent us a letter with the following communication:

“I take this opportunity to send you a communication that I received as a medium from my guardian spirit and that seems interesting and educational from all aspects. If you agree with my judgment I authorize you to use it in any way that you may consider useful. Here is how it started. I am Jewish by religion and thus I am naturally guided by the principles that I was taught. I had noticed that in every communication received from the spirits the only moral that was mentioned was that of Jesus, and Moses was never mentioned. Nevertheless I used to say to myself that God’s commandments, revealed by Moses, seemed to be the foundation of the Christian moral; that Jesus might have broadened the horizon and elaborated about the consequences but the germ was present in the law given at the Sinai. Then I asked myself if the reason wouldn’t be the fact that most communications we received were from spirits who had belonged to the dominant religion and if that would not be a memory of their earthly life. Absorbed in those thoughts I evoked my guardian spirit who was one of my close relatives by the name Mardoqueu R… Below you will find the questions that I addressed to him and his answers, etc.”

1. In every communication given at the Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies Jesus is considered to be the one who taught the most beautiful moral. How should I see that? – A. Yes. Christ was the initiator of the purest moral, the most sublime: the Christian Evangelical moral that must renovate the world, bringing every people together like brothers and sisters; the moral that will make charity and love to the neighbor stream out of everybody’s hearts; that must create a common solidarity among humanity; and finally the moral that must transfigure Earth, creating the conditions for the dwelling of spirits who are superior to those who live here now. That is the natural law of progress in action; and Spiritism is one of the living forces used by God to facilitate the advancement of humanity on the path of moral progress. The time has come in which the moral ideas will develop in order to realize the progress that is in God’s designs. They must follow the same route taken by the ideas of freedom that were their precursors. However, one must not expect such a development without a fight. No. They need to be shaken and tested to achieve maturity and to attract the attention of the masses; then the beauty and sacred nature of that moral will touch the spirits who will devote themselves to the science that gives them the key to the future, opening up the doors of eternal happiness. God is unique and Moses is the spirit sent by God in order to become known not only by the Hebrews but also by the Pagan people. The Hebrew people were the instrument that God used for his revelation through Moses and the prophets, and the vicissitudes of that remarkable people were the means of tearing off the veil that used to hide God from people.

2. In which points is Moses’ moral inferior to that of Jesus? – A. Moses’ moral was adequate to the degree of advancement of the people that were destined to be regenerated by that. Those people, were sort of semi-savage regarding the progress of the souls, would not have understood that it was possible to worship God by means other than burnt offerings or that it was necessary to forgive the enemy. Their intelligence was remarkable from a material point of view, and even from the arts and sciences, but that intelligence was well behind in morality and would not have converted under the domain of an entirely spiritual religion. They needed a semi material representation, like the one given by the Hebraic religion. That is how the burnt offerings spoke to their senses while the idea of God spoke to their souls. God’s commandments received by Moses are the seeds of a broader Christian moral, but the comments found in the Bible narrowed its meaning since if it were practiced in its whole purity it would not have been understood. Nonetheless, God’s Ten Commandments are still a brilliant frontispiece, like the lighthouse that must illuminate the path that must be walked by humanity. Moses led the way; Jesus continued the work; Spiritism will finish it.

3. Is Saturday a holy day? – A. Yes. Saturday is a day dedicated to resting and praying. It is the symbol of eternal happiness, aspired by all spirits who will get there after having perfected through their work and after thoroughly eliminating the impurities from their hearts through the incarnations.

4. Then, what was the reason that led each sect to consecrate a different day? – A. It is true that each sect has consecrated a different day but that is not a reason for surprise. God accepts the prayers and the formats of every religion as long as the teachings are followed by actions. Prayer always pleases God however it is said and as long as with pure intention.

5. Should we expect the establishment of a universal religion? – A. No. Not on our planet or at least while it has not made the progress that not even thousands of generations will see.

Mardoqueu R…

Family Lessons of Moral
(Sent by the medium Mrs. Countess F… from Warsaw, translated from the Polish)


My dear children, the way you see God’s will is wrong since you consider everything that happens as an expression of his will. God certainly knows everything that has been, that is and that will be; since his sacred will is the actual expression of his divine love, it always carries his grace and blessings; now, when someone stays away from that unique path that person attracts sufferings that are simple warnings. Blindfolded by the spirit of pride or drowned in the swamp of passions, people of our times unfortunately do not wish to understand those warnings. Now, know this my children, the time has come when God’s will shall triumph on Earth. Anyone who dares to disgracefully deny that will be broken like the bamboo, while those who have settled on the right path will discover the treasures of the infinite mercy. Behold that if God’s will is the expression of his love, hence immutable and eternal, every rebellious attitude against that will, although supported by an incomprehensible logic, is just temporary as a demonstration of God’s mercy and not as an expression of his will.


I am glad to see, my children, that your faith is unyielding, despite the attacks of disbelief. Had everyone accepted with the same enthusiasm, the same perseverance, and especially the same good faith that some did accept that extraordinary manifestation of the divine benevolence, a new door would open to their own advancement, and that would have been evident proof that the world is not so bad or pitiless as it seems and that God’s hand had unfairly hit humanity, something obviously inadmissible. Thus, don’t be surprised by the opposition brought upon Spiritism in this world. Spiritism is naturally exposed to the persecution of selfishness and fanaticism, this always derived from the former, because Spiritism is destined to win the combat against egotism, for the triumph of charity. Remember what has been said centuries ago: “For many are called but few are chosen.” Nevertheless, the good that comes from God will always triumph over the bad that comes from people.


God brought faith and charity to Earth to help humanity to shake the double tyranny of wickedness and whim and there is no doubt that with those divine engines they would have long ago reached the most comprehensive happiness possible to people on Earth and given the condition of your planet, if the human being had not allowed faith to languish and hearts to dry out. For a moment they believed that they could let the faith go and be saved by charity only. Then they saw the surge of a large number of social systems, good in their intentions but impractical and faulty in their application. You may ask: Why are they impractical? Aren’t they based on everyone’s altruism? Yes, no doubt, but to be based on altruism it is necessary that altruism exists! Well, it is not enough to decree; it is necessary to inspire altruism. Since there is no faith that ensures the future life and rewards, altruism is then a mistake to the eyes of the selfish. That is why systems that are only founded on material interests are unstable. It is certain that the individual would not be able to construct anything harmonious and long lasting without faith, faith that endows the individual with a moral force superior to all other physical forces and that also opens up the door to the assistance of the spiritual world, thus allowing humanity to drink directly from the fountain of the divine omnipotence.


“Even after you have accomplished all that was commanded, see yourself as a useless servant.” These words from Christ teach you humility as the first foundation of faith and one of the first conditions to charity. The faithful does not forget that God is aware of all imperfections; hence, one does not pretend to show to others what one does not have. The humble always faces criticism with kindness regardless of how unfair those may be, since, you must know this well, injustice never irritates the just but pressing the finger onto some soft and poisoned spot of your soul makes you blush with the heat of shame, a sure indication of a barely disguised pride. Pride, my dear, is the greatest obstacle to your betterment, because it does not allow you to take advantage of the received teachings. Thus, the best way to work towards your own improvement is by battling it at all times, in all quarters.


If you look at the world around you will see that everything is in harmony. Beauty is the harmony of the material world. However, it is still the less noble part of creation. The harmony of the spiritual world is love, a divine emanation that fulfills the spaces and leads men to their creator. You must strive, my dear, to fill your own hearts with that love. Any greatness of yours outside this law would not be taken into account. It is only when love has triumphed on Earth that the kingdom of God promised by the apostles shall come to you.

The Missionaries
(Sent by Mr. Sabò, from Bordeaux)

I will say a few words to help you understand the objective proposed by the missionaries, leaving behind homelands and families to go and evangelize ferocious and ignorant tribes, although brothers, inclined to evil and oblivious of good; or to preach mortification, trust in God, prayer, faith, resignation in suffering, charity, hope of a better life after repentance. You will ask: isn’t that Spiritism? Yes, noble souls that always served God and faithfully observed His laws; who love and help their fellow human beings, you are spiritists. But you don’t understand and you are afraid of this new word.

Well, since you are afraid, we shall not repeat it until you come to us and ask about this word that summarizes the existence of the spirits and their manifestations: Spiritism. Beloved brothers and sisters, what are the missionaries together with nations in their infancy? Spirits with a mission, sent by God, our father, to clarify the poor and more ignorant spirits; to teach patience and hope, to help people to know and love Him, to be good husbands and wives, good parents, good to their peers; to give them the idea of good and beauty as much as possible given their current condition.

But you who are so proud of your own intelligence, know this, that you came from as low as they are now and that you still have a lot to do to reach the highest degree. I ask you this, my friends: Without the missions and the missionaries, what would become of those poor people left to their own passions and savage nature? But tell me this: Are you the ones to go and preach the Gospel to those rude people, like the devoted brothers? No, you are not. You have family, friends, a position that you cannot abandon. No, not you who loves the warmth of a home; no, not you who enjoys wealth, honor, all the happiness for the satisfaction of your vanity and selfishness; no, it will not be you. It must be someone who gladly leaves behind their paternal homes and their homeland; people who don’t care much about life because they know it is sometimes crossed by the sword and the fire; people who are convinced that whenever they work in the land of the Lord, watering it with their own blood it is because they know that the reward for so much sacrifice will come later, in heaven.

Now, tell me if the disbelievers would be capable of such devotion, since they expect nothing after this life? Believe me, those are spirits sent by God. You must no longer laugh at what you call foolishness because they are enlightened, and by exposing their own lives to clarify their ignorant brothers and sisters they deserve your respect and sympathy. Yes, they are incarnate spirits with the dangerous mission of stimulating those rough intelligences, like other more advanced spirits that have the mission of helping you to progress. Spiritism is our mission, my friends. Don’t be afraid of that word. In particular, don’t laugh, because that word is the symbol of the universal law that rules all beings of creation.

Adolph, bishop of Alger

(Sent by Mr. Sabò from Bordeaux)

You too, of the French crowned lands, you were deep into barbarism and your savage courts carried desolation and amazement to the heart of the civilized nations. You offered mountains of human sacrifice to Toutatis and trembled before the Druids’ voice when choosing their victims. The tombs that served you as altars lie in barren moors! The shepherd that drives his meager herds over there looks in amazement at those blocks of granite, and wonders, what was the object of those memories of former times! However, your brave children dominated the nations and triumphantly returned to their homeland, holding the trophies of victory in their hands, dragging the conquered behind in shameful slavery! God however wanted you to take your place among the nations, sending you good spirits, apostles of a new religion, who came to preach love, forgiveness and charity to your savage children. When Clovis invoked the help of that Almighty God before his army, his call was heard and victory was granted, and the appreciative child embraced Christianity! The apostle of Christ inspired by the spirit of God gave him the sacred anointment, commanding him to adore what he had burnt and to burn what he had adored.

A long battle was then initiated among your children, who could not face the rage of their gods and their priests; your land had to see the bloodshed of its martyrs so that the new ideas would flourish and you could gradually detach from the cult of your forefathers, following your kings. They were brave and courageous and fought the hordes of barbarians from the North. They returned in peace to their palaces, then dedicating to progress and civilization of their people. They slowly work that progress for centuries and finally place you at the top. You have been found guilty so many times and God’s hand was raised and you were about to be terminated. However, if the French soil is a focus of skepticism and atheism, it is also of noble movements, of charity and sublime devotion. The virtues preached in the Gospels prosper before impiety. Those virtues disarmed the hand that was so many times about to hurt you, casting upon your people the eyes of clemency, choosing you to become the messenger of His will; the seeds of the Spiritist Doctrine must come from your heart, transmitted by the good spirits, and its healing arms must gradually disseminate over the heart of all nations, and the people, consoled by the principles of love, charity and forgiveness, will tread gigantic steps towards their moral reformation that must regenerate humanity! Your fate is in your hands. If you neglected the celestial voice that calls you to this glorious destiny; if your indifference made you repel the light that you must shed, God would renounce you, as it was once done to the Hebrew people, since they should carry out His designs. Thus, hurry up for the time has come! May the people learn from you the path of true happiness! May your example show them the consoling fruits to be harvested and they shall join the choir of the good spirits: “God protects and blesses France!”


(Sent by a medium from Sens)

It is always necessary to support the weak and those who wish to do good, knowing beforehand that we shall not be compensated by those helped by us, because the one that refuses to be thankful for your help is not as ungrateful as you think. That person often acts following God’s designs but frequently His designs are not and cannot be appreciated by you. It is enough to know that it is necessary to do good as a duty and for the love of God, as Jesus said: “When you give to the poor, don’t blow a loud horn. That’s what show-offs do in the meeting places and on the street corners, because they are always looking for praise. I can assure you that they already have their reward.”


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