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One of our subscribers sent us the following conversation, between him and one of his friends whose loss had been very difficult for him, received through an unknown medium, since he is not a medium himself. Besides the remarkable elevation of thought, we will see evidence that the bonds formed on earth, when they are sincere, are not broken by death.

First dialogue, December 28th, 1860

1. (Evocation) Appeal to the spirit of Jules P…, who was so dear to me, to kindly communicate with me. – A. Dear friend, I respond to your appeal; my willingness is as great as my surprise for I did not expect to be able to communicate with you but in a distant time, according to God’s will. How glad I am for seeing this time shortened by your will and for being able to tell you how much my earthly trial has served my progress! Although I still remain somewhat errant, I feel very happy and do not cherish any other thought but the appreciation for God’s works, allowing me to enjoy all the wonders that he sees useful to me, allowing me to expect a rebirth in a superior world, where I will then climb the fortunate ladder that will take me to supreme happiness. May you, dear friend, by listening to me, see in my words a presentiment of what awaits you! On the final day I will take your hand and show you the way that I have followed for some time now with so much joy. You will have a guide in me as you had a loyal friend in our earthly life.

2. Can I count on you, dear friend, to achieve the happy objective that you let me foresee? – A. Do not worry; I will do my best so that you move in that direction where we will meet again with so much emotion and pleasure. Like in the old days, I will come to give you the testimony of my heart that was so dear to you.

3. From what you are saying, must I conclude that you are much happier now than in your previous life? – A. No doubt, dear friend, very happy indeed, and I could not say enough. What a difference! No more troubles, sadness, physical and moral sufferings. And with that, the vision of everything that was dear to us! I have been by your side many times. I followed you in your career! I saw you when you did not think of me by your side, thinking that I was lost forever. My dear friend, life is precious to the spirit; even more precious when it is kind and when man can use it for his own advancement both on Earth and beyond. Rest assured that everything harmonizes in God’s designs to make his creatures happier, and what is only required on their part is to have a heart to love and to bow their heads to be humble; one will then elevate even higher than ever imagined.

4. What can I do to please you? – A. Adorn your thoughts like a flower.

NOTE: A discussion was established about the meaning of this answer. The spirit then added: When I say your thoughts adorned like a flower, I mean, when you pick flowers you must sometimes think of me. What I want you to understand is that this way you will touch me by one of your feelings.

5. Farewell, dear friend. I will take with great pleasure the next opportunity I may have to evoke you. – A. I will be waiting impatiently. Goodbye, dear friend.

Second dialogue, December 31st, 1860

6. (Evocation) A renewed request to my friend to give me a communication that may be useful to my own instruction. – A. Here I am again, my friend. I am glad I can tell you once again how dear you were to me! I want to give you proof of that with my most elevated thoughts. Yes, my friend, matter is nothing; pay no mind to it and have no fear; the spirit is everything; it is only the spirit that remains forever, an unstoppable life through the paths delineated by God. The spirit sometimes stops before a cliff or another to take a deep breath, but while keeping the eyes on our Creator courage is promptly recovered and the transient difficulties are soon overcome; the spirit climbs way up high and admires the benevolence of God who gives the required strengths in the right measure. The spirit then advances. The heavenly paradise shows before his eyes and his heart. He moves on and soon becomes worthy of the foreseen heavenly fate. Dear friend, fear no more; my courage is doubled, my strength ten times higher than when I left your Earth. I no longer doubt the predicted happiness compared to that which I enjoy, it is greater than the most brilliant precious stone in the simplest ring! There you see the greatness behind God’s wishes and how difficult it is to the human race to appreciate it and to understand its reach! Even your anguage cannot help us when we want to explain what seems incomprehensible to you.

7. Do you have anything to add to these beautiful thoughts? – A. I have not finished yet, no doubt, but I wanted to give you proof of my identity. Whenever you wish I will give you new ones.

OBSERVATION: These are moral proofs and there is no material sign here and not even some foolish questions that some people use sometimes, for the purpose of identity. Moral proof is the best and safest since material signs can always be imitated by deceiving spirits; here, the spirit is recognized by his thoughts, his character, elevation and nobility of style. A deceiving spirit could certainly try to imitate in this respect but it would be nothing more than a crude imitation and since it would lack substance he would only imitate the exterior. In fact, such a role could not be played for very long.

8. Since you come with such a benevolent mind, I would gladly enjoy it longer and ask you to please continue. – A. I will tell you this: open the book of your destiny, The Gospel my friend; it will give you an understanding of many things that I cannot express. Forget the words; feel the spirit of this holy book and you will find there all the consolations that your heart needs. Don’t worry about obscure terms. Seek the actual meaning and your heart will interpret it as it must be understood. I am more aware now and see our big mistake as analyzing it so coldly when alive. I recognize now that the heart could have happily served me, I could have extended further the valuable lessons left by our divine Teacher and drawn from the much-needed relief that escaped me.

9. Thank you and goodbye my dear friend. I will gladly use the first occasion to evoke you again. – A. I will come as I did today. I will do my best.

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