Allan Kardec

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We also have celebrations, and that happens frequently because the good spirits from Earth, our beloved brothers and sisters, when they leave behind their material envelope they reach out to us and we go in large numbers to welcome them at the door of the dwelling they will now inhabit with us; and these celebrations are not agitated, as in yours. Human passions have no place in such celebrations, your passions disguised by kind faces and heads crowned with flowers that hide jealousy, pride, envy, vanity, the desire to please and prevail over their rivals, enjoying fictitious pleasures.

Here is the kingdom of joy, peace and concord; everyone is happy with their position and glad for their brother’s happiness. Then, my friends! With that perfect harmony among us our celebrations have an indescribable appeal. Millions of musicians sing the wonders of God and His creation followed by harmonious lyres, a sound more dazzling than your sweetest melodies. Long processions of air bound spirits fly like zephyrs casting clouds of flowers upon the newly arrived, flowers whose aroma and wide-ranging nuances you cannot understand. Then there is the fraternal banquet to the guests who have just finished their trials and come to receive their rewards for a job well done. Oh! My friend, I wish I could tell you more but your language is limited to describe such magnificence.

I have told you enough, my beloved ones, to stimulate in you the desire and then, my dear Émile, free from the mission that I have been assigned by your side on the Earth, I will continue to lead you through space, helping you to thoroughly enjoy that happiness.

Felicia (wife of the evoked, Émile and his guiding spirit since last year)

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